It’s The “little” things that are really HUGE that mean so much.

Over the years of dating different men I’ve come to realize what is important to ME.

When you tell a man that you are scared and don’t know if you can survive in this world alone…If his reply is “you’ll be ok, I am almost certain you will be just fine” verses
“I am here for you don’t you worry about doing anything alone” shouldn’t that account for something?

Can I stand on my own two feet?
Indeed I can!
What the heck do you think I was doing beforehand but it’s still scary out here. Diseases and the economy is worse than a horror movie…

It’s cold and rainy and you happened to park far and he asked so he knows how far you have parked, you look at his car and wait for him to offer you a ride to your car and nothing happens.

The man that truly is looking out for your best interest would offer you a ride to your car without you having to ask. It’s not a warm sunny day!!!!

You have two huge bags and he never asks whether you need assistance and never takes one of the bags just let’s you carry them…a real man that cares will tell you to hand over both bags and would never let you carry a bag when his hands are empty.

Most folks may think… “why not ask?”
That’s just the same as me asking him “why can’t you be a gentleman?”

Well, maybe this proves nothing but in my world actions are real talk is cheap.

If a man can’t open the car door for you he’s not concerned if you get in the car first and safely anything could happen.

How can you get in the car start it up and watch a woman get in?
That’s the same as me cooking dinner, fixing my plate, sitting down eating then look at him like ummmm?
You can fix your own plate.

A man that cares about you wants to spend time with you outside the bedroom and if the only time you see him is between the sheets you need a reality check.

There are so many red flags that seem minuscule but are indications of what type of man you are dealing with.

Does it mean he’s a bad person? Not at all…he’s just not what I am looking for. I need to be shown not told how much you care. Hearing it accounts for about 20% showing me which is proof accounts for 80%.

Then we find a man that does everything our heart desired BUT somehow he still doesn’t measure up?!?!

Hmmmm? Maybe we are the problem not him.

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