Do I Really Know You?

How well do you really know the people you are supposed to be so close to?
Is it silly to ask things like what’s your favorite ice cream?
I have noticed by pure observation and personal experiences; that those unknown things about a person become apparent over time and remembered only if they are truly interested or intrigued by you. I’ve often heard folks say shacking up is a bad idea but how else can you truly know if you can live under the same roof without killing (not literally) each other before marriage if you don’t “shack” up?
Do you know what makes them tick, their favorite color or experiences that happened to them that shaped them into the person they are today?
What is it that caused you to bond with this person that you can’t exactly put your finger on? I strongly believe that some friendships and sexual relationships are meant to be as we take our journey through life.
Some of those relationships whether it is sexual or platonic can be hurtful learning experiences or can leave a lasting positive impression on our life forever.
I am not judging anyone you can do whatever you want with your hello kitty and beans and frank but…
The worst thing you can do and it happens every day is to sleep with someone and you don’t know their last name or worse their REAL first name. Get out of the fast lane; it can destroy your life!
Take time out to get to know someone before you falsely believe they are your BFF or someone you can trust or have “casual’ sex with. Many times people get married or have a child with someone only to find out later that they can’t stand to breathe the same air standing in the same room together. Getting to really know someone can take a lifetime but that all depends on how much they are willing to open up to you.
I am an open book, what you see is what you get and there is nothing I have to hide.
With some folks you have to wait until the truth about who they are somehow reveals itself to you. If you are lucky a red flag will appear with warning sirens or you will listen to that gut feeling telling you something isn’t right.
Then you have folks that are beyond experts when it comes to keeping a façade going.
Keep your eyes wide open, leave a small opening, (not too big) to your heart and use your brain!
Being on defense is not a way to live your life. When approaching life daily be smart about it and learn from past experiences. Life is like a game; you win some and you will lose a lot. When you lose dust yourself off and move on…life is short so let’s make it SWEET!

6 thoughts on “Do I Really Know You?

  1. I agree. Some may think that knowing or noticing the ‘little’ stuff is petty or unimportant. But, honestly, I believe it adds up over time. Some people naturally notice little things. That would be me and some are oblivious. I do not think it is necessarily that they do not care, it’s just that it is who they are. I do believe that if someone is an oblivious airhead, they should try and make an effort. I believe if they truly want to get to know you and they understand it is important to you, they will. They will go the extra step.


  2. This one right here, OMG. All I have to say is yes you only know someone when you live w/ them (shack up) with them. I lived w/ my last girlfriend & I knew instantly “oh hell no we can’t live together”. Lol. She was messy as hell, always left ish everywhere. I was like why you ain’t tell me you was like this from the gate. Lol. I mean weave hair everywhere, makeup all over the sink, panties & stocking all over the place. More shoes than Nordstrom’s has all on the floor. Nope nope nope nope hell no!!!! You gotta go, lol but don’t get me wrong she was a good woman but not a tidy woman. Smh. Lol. Love the blog sweet p. Keep up the great writing. Love you. XOXO


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