80/20 Rule is REAL Be Careful Before You Jump Ship…

I have messed up enough in my life to know exactly what NOT to repeat in a relationship.

Occasionally, there are issues with me knowing exactly what to do but there will always be a learning curve in every relationship.
I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule more than ever! Proceed with caution and make sure you are not leaving a relationship for a wild sex adventure that will be short lived over a relationship with substance!

We must remember that if we are lucky enough to live long enough “Senior Citizen” is lurking around the corner. Having someone we can laugh with that just makes you happy in many ways is far more important than (My humble opinion) than how long he can hop up and down on me.

The thought of another man touching me other than “MY MAN” makes me want to vomit especially if I know in my heart that all he wants is to have sex with me and nothing more. Why bother?

I want a companion for LIFE and 80% is far better than trading all that for 20%…

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22 thoughts on “80/20 Rule is REAL Be Careful Before You Jump Ship…

  1. This is soo true. I agree 100% w/ you P. I too have left my 80 for my 20 long time ago. But like you said if we are lucky enough to meet one that just makes you happy being w/ them. That’s all that matters in life. I have FINALLY MET MY QUEEN….. She makes me Happy even in my sleep, she keeps me smiling & happy 25/8!!!! Yep I said it 25/8. That’s even in my dreams. Lol. But yes the 80/20 does exist, and it has ruined a few good relationships marriages. But that what if is always there, you just have to ignore it and think about that “what I have, & what I might lose”……


  2. As, a man that’s ready to settle down, I really appreciate this perspective. This blog really resonates with me. The 80/20 rule hits the mark.

    Thank you so much


  3. Where r u guys where it’s after 5pm?!

    Unfortunately, I think this “rule” needs to be reiterated amongst a lot of females of today. I’m finding more & more willing to step out or even “step in” (w a married man). The damaging effects can be costly & permanent to a woman or man.


  4. A mature individual desires a companion that can build together a love empire. While those that are childish sought after a playground that has fleeting.


  5. this is so true.. thanks to u and all ur great advice i have learned to stop mistaking lust for love. i have truly found love and because of ur harsh but true advice i am happy..THNX PATTY
    u are a blessing.


    • Sanitra it was all out of love!
      I’ve been there before many times so I know how it feels.
      I am so very proud of you for not only taking heed to my loving but harsh advice but actually taking action.
      You are BEAUTIFUL and deserve so much more.


  6. I really believe the 80/20 rule. This may get a lil explicit. I’ve dated guys that rocked my world in the bedroom but they wanted to play games and fuck everything with a big butt and smile. Than I’ve dated the ones that didn’t rock my world it bed but gave me the world. This is my current situation I’m with a man that would give me the world. He treats me great opens car doors for me and any door we walk thru. We have our problems like any relationship. I heard of the 80/20 years ago and I will admit I almost lost the man I’m with now because I was about to leave him because we wasn’t married we got into to ole boring sex routine. I asked are we not sex compatible? Do I have to support this man? Will he get a better job? Will he make me his wife? Why aren’t we married yet? I was lost confused and stressed. That’s stress I don’t wish on anyone. I took one question at a time I know I didn’t want a man that could rock my world but he is rocking another woman world also. I better off in my relationship where I’m at. Than SEX popped in my head hmmmmmmmm. I started thinking it takes two to make it right. So we talked and and we decided to try new things. It started to get better as time passed. A lot more foreplay and we brought toys in the bedroom and LORD I must say that problem doesn’t exist anymore. Ladies please take your man to sex store get some toys and let him work on you another great decision. Than the me being married came in talks he admit he wanted to marry me but money was the problem. He wanted to give me the ring I really deserve. Ladies I may get a lot of slack but I help him pay for my ring and yes we are getting married and I’m so excited that we are and now we are having our first child together:). Sometimes we have to analyze ourselves because a relationship is built on two not one. Without communication you are headed to a dead end. Ladies ask your man about his day at work show some interest. I don’t know a lot about the this blogger but her man spreads the word about her blog and book he supports her and I know she support him. We can’t have everything in one person I rather have that 80 than 20 in other words give me 80 dollars and you keep the 20 dollars I can be happier with 80%


      • Love train I haven’t tried toys either but I’ve heard the magic they bring in the bedroom. I know couples that’s been married for 5 plus years and they said yes sex gets boring and played out. The toys spice things up. A question to love train and blogger have you ever let your man shave your viginia? I heard that turns a man on teaches him where the woman spot is so when he goes down on you he knows his way around. Any truth? I need to be shave and I want him to do it. Don’t judge me just trying to spice it up 🙂


  7. Involve your man in the toy shopping experience. Trust about of marriage and relationship have been saved because of toys. I’m speaking from experience. I’m pretty sure a lot of couples are missing that 20 in a relationship toys foreplay saved our relationship to you ms blogger try it watch the spark that lights the fire.


  8. Hello blogger how have you been hope all is well so far in the new with the relationship. This is for James me and my now husband had major problems in the bedroom. I will say he has a nice size penis not small but not to big too big hurts:( my man would cum in less than a minute:( we went to talk to a doctor and to my surprise I think the average time before a man comes is 5 to 10mins. I asked the doctor what can we do to change that meds surgery we Both wanted to fix this problem. The doctors said he might be excited and that’s boost him to cum quick. The doctor gave us some meds that helped also and once we started talking he admit he was excited and that did play a factor in it also. After a few months of practice and getting his excitement under control and using toys yes BLOGGER get some toys they will help you and your man and the relationship. I started to see a change in our sex life. I realize he was the type of guy that builds a lot of cum quick so I had to make sure I help him with that. I would give him head any place ladies try it stop being boring. Kendra he loves shaving me cause that turns to him getting a hard on and him eating me so let him shave you. Ladies wear a dress let him play in your pussy and tell him to pull the car over get in the back seat and let him eat you again stop being boring:) as we started to see progress in him lasting longer things started to get better. I did more research and foreplay. Also when he cum his dick would get soft and when that happen he would eat me use toy to get my clit right and that would get him hard again once that happen it took him forever to cum the second time. So James maybe you both can do 69 after you cum foreplay kiss all over her eat her use toys doing that time she will cum and once you get hard again go to work and the second time around you both will cum together this has worked for me and I can say about 10 of my friends have it worked. I can’t remember the meds but I will get the name of it for you. Any sex life can become great all you have to do is work with your partner. It takes two not one. When your with your ladies James have fun and relax once you learn to relax watch how much longer you last and how quick you will get your second hard on. Hope this helps sorry for being so explicit;)


    • Thanks sandy your comment let’s me know me and James are not the only ones with the same problem. I wish there were more real women in the world that would stick by there man and help fix the problem instead of cheating and leaving him. This blog has boost him self-esteem I look forward to going to the doctor thanks sandy


    • Thanks sandy glad to here me and James are not the only men with this problem. To the ladies and blogger if your man had the same problem would leave him or seek help with him?


      • Thanks for your comment!
        Raymond it’s been almost six years if I were going to leave a man for that would have been gone. I need more than sex anyway….I am 42 not 22. 🙂


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