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 I apologize for the delayed response time…

Hope everyone is doing well today!

I read all of your comments and try to respond to each one faithfully. If you do not see your comments posted; it’s because they must be approved (moderated) by me first. Once I respond your comments/questions will be approved.

Give me at least 48 hours to respond. I am not ignoring you and care about what you are going through. My goal is to respond in the order in which the questions/comments are received. This is more than I bargained for and trust me I love every minute of it.

Be patient and know that you will get a response from me soon. I would rather wait until time permits to make sure you get the best advice/opinion 🙂 possible.

Stay encouraged! Have a blessed day & keep smiling no matter what you are going through things will get better. You are in my prayers Raymond, Rasheeda and Kendrick!

Straight from the Heart, Patrice

Love & Life

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship so much that you neglect your own happiness.
You can’t worry about if the other person will be hurt if you leave.
Your happiness should be your priority.
Love is more than a four letter word; action should follow.
People always misuse the word
L-ack O-f V-ision and E-durance
Wouldn’t know love if it smacked them in the face nor do they have the ability to endure all that comes with truly loving someone.
Love is action not just a word.
Love doesn’t make excuses.
Love shouldn’t hurt anything else is pain not love!
Don’t confuse pain with love.
When you truly love someone you wouldn’t do anything that will hurt them.
Because if they hurt you will hurt too!


Sometimes the things in our past haunt our future.
I’ve realized that we are allowed to make mistakes even when we aren’t aware that we actually made a mistake.
Consider bad choices as a learning experience and never beat yourself up over it.
People who lash out and try to use your past against you have rotten dead souls.
Pray for them and don’t allow them to make you bitter or angry.
Your past is exactly that your past!
If someone takes time to study you enough and go digging for things they are working side by side with the devil.
You won’t win; you are a target…it’s a demonic war.
Choose your battles wisely and allow the higher power to deal with evil; hateful vindictive persons that want to cause your harm.

Random Thoughts

In order to give sound advice you must have experienced whatever you are speaking on and lived through it.

If you are in your right mind, have the ability to analyze what actually occurred to determine what you could have done differently to deliver more positive results is something no text-book in the world can teach you.

Remember that text books are written by another human being.

If you haven’t experienced whatever I need advice on I am not interested in your inexperienced observations and opinions.

I never give advice on anything that I know nothing about or have not personally experienced enough to know what I am talking about.

Anything else is rubbish!

No More Threats!!!

There were some graphic and scary comments that were left by some people that will not be posted.

I read them all. However; I think it is in my best interest to not respond. They all are saved just in case…This is supposed to be a fun blog…RELAX!
Based on the emails I received; I have learned that I CAN NOT trust ANYONE! It is someone that knows me personally or knows someone that I know who is speaking harshly about me.

I will NOT be held liable for anyone who harms themselves or breaks up with their partner. Anyone that harms themselves needs Jesus. My life has not been a cake walk and I would NEVER hurt myself over some man. But that’s me!!!! I am stronger and smarter than that mentally and most importantly spiritually. I love myself too much…I love life too much!!

People try to dig up your past to discredit you. Defamation of character is a criminal offense just in case you didn’t know.
I filed a police report against one female to stop her from harassing me via my blog and email.

Understand that it is a First Class Misdemeanor when you send messages after I have asked you to “Cease and Desist” all communication that involves threats. I will prosecute you to the fullest.

Nobody will stand in my way or my BLOG!


We Have A History…OK?

If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, would you jump? If you are a jumper STAY OFF MY BLOG!!!!

This is my opinion based on my very own personal experiences and pure observation:

Sometimes we lose ourselves in relationships by placing too much emphasis on the other person neglecting the most important person and that’s you not them. The worst thing you can do is depend on someone to love you when you don’t love yourself…that is truly sad.

If a person starts of telling lies and cheating more than likely they will continue to do so if you are still hanging around…you are simply saying “it’s totally fine to DOG me out”. Begin to take full responsibility for the role you play in a disastrous unfulfilled relationship and stop pointing fingers. “It takes TWO to tangle” …

There is huge difference between a good history and bad history. I strongly believe that you must be happy no matter what the situation is. There is no perfect relationship but being happy is so worth working through the tough times. My philosophy is that I am responsible for 60% of my happiness the other should be fulfilled by my mate….30% give or take a little. (Vice versa)

Otherwise, why do I need him? Ok! SEX…hmmm? “After the nut then what?”
Can a person change? Of course they can! If they want to change you can’t make them decide to change no matter how much you try.


Let Me Make Myself Clear!

I am not in a position to “suggest” or tell anyone to leave their 5-8 year relationship even if they aren’t married or engaged. No judging over here; when I stayed with my man for 6 years…If you decide to end your relationship it’s your choice!!!

When you read my blog and comments please don’t add what’s not there…COMPREHENSION is critical.

Now if you told me he was abusive (slapping you around and punching on you) then YES you should leave ASAP no question about that. However; if verbal or physical abuse is not an issue how the heck can I tell someone to leave? There are TWO sides to every story…

I merely posted a topic specifically about my life that some people assumed in some crazy deranged way that they should dump their boyfriends.
My life is exactly that…MY LIFE! Do whatever you choose and I have nothing to do with it. You are given my opinion ONLY and YOU have to make your OWN choice.
We are all adults so stop blaming others for choices that you make alone.

Update on my situation:
We decided to take a break so we can clear our minds to see if marriage is what we really need or want.
I believe if he couldn’t decide long ago it’s obvious this is a last-minute ploy he swears is not the case. Yes, he’s a GREAT NICE GUY but he’s not the only NICE GREAT GUY in the world.
Guess what? I am not blaming anyone about the decision we made together no matter what I was told to do not suggested!

People leave because they want to not because someone told them to…If that is the case they wanted to leave anyway or you are that weak to allow someone to (unbeknownst to them) to decide in your mind based on something you made up.

What a perfect excuse “I read 5 years no ring WTF? That’s why I left…smh


Beware of the Gossip Girl/Man

Let’s face it…sometimes you need someone to talk to when you are going through rough periods in your life…however; who you choose to discuss your life with can make matters worse.

Never talk about your relationship issues with your associates/friends unless you want them sharing your business with the world. They pretend to care while listening to your deepest secrets drip from your lips. BEWARE!

 Most people want what you have and have no idea that what you have isn’t all that great but you know how to make it work. In some cases your woman/man may be all that and a bag of chips but they don’t need to be told let his/her actions show.

 Use my blog to vent your relationship issues rather than a gossiping hater woman/man. You remain anonymous and never have to worry about haters trying to step into your shoes if you decide to move on or steal what you have.

 In reality the only person you can trust is yourself (I hope) and God. It’s some sick folks out here that will make it their goal to get close to you only to destroy you.

Miserable people are so dead inside that trying to cause chaos in another person’s life brings them EXTREME pleasure.



They Never Wanted You!

Why do we spend so much time and energy trying to keep a person that does not want to be kept? When someone else comes along and they so call cheat; you are so devastated and for what reason?

First of all, when you are in a relationship and you are not married nor engaged you can pretty much do what the heck you want to.

 Of course, you may have a verbal contract/agreement that you two are to be monogamous but how long do you expect that to stay in effect?

 People will see who they want to see whether it’s in your face or behind your back so get over it…Funny how “YOU NEVER EXISTED” when they met this “person” so they could get what they wanted.

 They never wanted you or you would have existed and nothing would have occurred between this “person”.

 Don’t ever allow someone to have so much control over your life that you become miserable and try to attack folks that had no idea you EVER EXISTED.

 Be upset with the person who knew you existed…




I started this blog to help people in troubled relationships…

Pardon the interruption…

If I offended anyone for saying “I am good, don’t worry about me honey” I apologize.
That was not my intent.

I just really wish people would leave me alone. I don’t bother anyone. The more exposure you have the more people begin to conspire against you.

When you are doing well it seems that the devil is always busy. Not sure why some people find pleasure in trying to destroy a good thing. It’s really sad.

Please just go away I don’t want any trouble. Leave me and my blog in peace. I love to write so that’s what I am doing…this is not supposed to turn into a war.

Whatever you know about me doesn’t matter because that is in my past.

I am no angel and never claimed to be. I don’t know who you are and don’t care just stay off my blog.

I am certain you can find something more productive to do than harass me.

May God Bless you and I hope that you can find peace in your heart.