Happy & Alone?

Anyone that says they love being single could be telling the truth for that moment; eventually they will eat their words when loneliness knocks on the door.

I recall my single days and I was so happy to be able to do whatever whenever without answering to anyone. But there were times I wanted to have someone to call my own and to have a loving partner. Holidays were the hardest after a while.

That’s when being single got old quickly…love being single? Maybe at the moment.

Indeed you will open that door to face reality that it’s innate to want a mate.

Flip side of that is everyone needs alone time at one point in their life.

It’s far better to be single than in a unhealthy dead end stuck in a rut relationship.

Finally, there are some folks who love staring at the walls or having grand central station in their bedroom but are they happy?

19 thoughts on “Happy & Alone?

  1. Hello blogger I love your page. How did you get your man to agree to counseling? I had friends that went and now they are married. I want to go cause it really helps you and your partner bond. That when you really become closer and stronger as a couple.


    • Hello Rebecca 🙂

      I asked and if he refused the split would have been ASAP.
      Had he said ‘No” I would have my answer that he’s not trying to help “US” work.
      I hate getting other folks involved but girl I am SCARED to make the wrong choice…


    • Rebecca my dear sweetheart…you are not married yet (right?) so “marriage counseling is not for you. He’s not trying to work with you so why bother when it takes two to make it work? Honey 8 years is a long time and 5 years is no better but he said no….I think you know what you should do.


  2. I didn’t know you were in counseling sis. I’m so happy for you!!!!!! XOXO. Always remember it’s never to late to ask for help or to get others involved. I look at it like this “if you love somebody as bad & as much as you say you do then damn it work hard to keep the fire burning”. Sorry to hear that your man doesn’t want help Rebecca, it sounds like he has given up or he has outsiders telling him that it’s over & to let it go. How long have you two been together….?


    • Hey Sam we have been together for 8 years. I’m so in love with him he spoils me but I’m like the blogger let’s take counseling so we can get stronger and have a successful relationship and marriage. I’m working hard to keep the fire burning it seem he’s trying to blow the fire out. I have tears in my eyes as I type this.


      • I can feel your pain. I have a few friends in this situation right now. Smh. Sorry to hear this Rebecca :-/. Do you think he wants to marry you?


      • Rebecca don’t cry please 😦 stay strong…sounds like you love this man far more than he loves you because you are trying to make things work and he’s not. Pray on it and please see the situation as it really is and not for what you hope for it to be. Pressure is not a way you want a man to marry you he should want to do it on his own. I know it hurts but you can’t force something if the other person doesn’t want the same thing as you do.


    • Rebecca after 8 years what pressure? If he wanted to marry you he would have done so long time ago…just my thoughts. Justice of the peace and a promise ring works just fine…a wedding can be planned later and the ring upgraded…I am so sick of excuses…please don’t end up asking him to marry you whatever you do.


    • Don’t be desperate for a man to marry you Rebecca you are a loyal woman and any man would love to have you I am certain…I have no comment on your live in boyfriend. Does he think you are wife material? Ask him! Is there someone else?
      I can’t believe I lasted in a 5 ½ years in whatever it was. Every time I think about it I get upset with myself. Playing house is not cool.
      After two years if they can’t make a decision then it’s time to move the heck on! We will not live forever so why do we ALLOW folks to waste our time?


  3. I guess some is my fault cause he said I will marry you any day let go to the court house and get married I said no I want a wedding. With me saying that did I ruin my relationship?


    • Well it depends on how he feels about you not marrying him when he was ready.
      Don’t get caught up on big diamond rings and fairytale weddings being married is all that should have mattered.
      A wedding that is affordable can be planed at a later date.
      You’ll have to ask him if you denying him that day ruin the chances of him marring you ever?


      • He said no it didn’t but he said we can go get married tomorrow should I do it? I agree we can have a wedding at a later date. Do you think he playing with my emotions?


      • I wish I could help you on this..I won’t have to live with him or divorce him if it does not work. Just understand that marriage does not fix things…If you are happy with him and you both are willing to work HARD and most of all have some sort of religious system to build a strong foundation I say go for it or move out and on. These days marriage means nothing to most folks so again you will have to decide…Pray on it. Don’t use your heart to decide use your common sense…Reality not dreaming about what will be.


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