Decisions Can Be SCARY!

All the feedback in the world will never save you from your FATE!

But oh my do I have to be the one responsible for the outcome? Yep!

Help! Help! I don’t know what I should do. I pray day and night waiting for something somehow to be revealed. I am still waiting…Ok, so I should be still, quiet in a dark room, light incense and Meditate ?

I’ve tried doing handstands with my legs holding me up on the wall thinking maybe I need more blood rushed to my brain. Go figure! The things I will do when desperate for answers…

Decisions can change the entire course of your life for the best or worse. Although, choices must be made throughout life both big and small; sometimes we really want to go hide and hope that somehow magically things will work out but it won’t.

You stress yourself out wondering what you should do afraid of the outcome later as a result of your decision. The worse is when you say to yourself “I made the wrong choice”. Oh well, learning sucks but we have to experience the good and the bad.

No matter what decision you make the best part is you were strong enough to “decide” and not let fear crush your growth never knowing what could have been.

Things that are meant to be are “full circle”.  Set yourself free through finally making the very choice you are afraid to make.

15 thoughts on “Decisions Can Be SCARY!

  1. Hello blogger and friends it’s been cold on the east coast these past few days. I leave the house before my man does. This maybe we a silly question but I’m going to ask . If your living with a man should he get up and warm your car up for you in the morning? Should I have to ask him to do it? Come on where are all the real MEN at? Little things like this tells me a lot about a man. Than he has the nerve to ask for some sex before I left I said no I have warm my car up. Than he has the nerve to ask if I can put my warm lips around his thing I looked at him like he was crazy. I’m I wrong for my actions? He text me and says some slick shit like what you don’t do the next woman will. I told him that’s vice versa. Fellas do you warm your woman’s car up for her when it’s cold? I think as a woman that’s something we shouldn’t have to ask man that should come natural like open and closing the car door for us. Trust if he did the little things that matter I would given him what he wanted. I need some views on this before I send him this long text message.


    • Good Morning Betty,

      This is a sensitive matter. You must first understand that the women before you didn’t place any demands on him such as being a gentleman. I would have said sure honey you can have some of everything if you go warm my car up…Sadly you may have to strike deals and teach him how to be the man you want him to be.

      He has to be taught these things it’s not something they are born knowing how to do on their own. Absolutely, YOUR man should warm your car up if he lives in the same household as you or is visiting for the night.

      Betty don’t send the long text message speak to him in person. Tell him the things you expect from him if he wants you to give him some hello kitty with a cherry on top in the mornings.

      Sometimes you have to ask for what you want. If he can’t meet those needs then find someone who can just like you mentioned in your comment.
      Those who know better usually do better….


  2. I see some guys post on this blog. I have a question. Blogger and ladies give me your advice on also. I work and get off at different hours sometimes 2am 3am etc. Should I feel bad waiting my lady up for sex? How should I handle this situation because she does have to work also. It’s easy when she sleeps naked or with no panties I play between her legs and get her juices flowing. At times I want to go down on her but she’s like I sweat in my sleep etc. I don’t care if you sweat. Should I just ignore her and go down? I want her to cum and it’s a new year I’m trying to make it right.


    • Did you all of a sudden start sweating in your sleep? In a relationship you have to love everything about your partner even his sweat…

      You are her man and if she can’t sacrifice a small amount of time when you get in….wait until she wakes up for work to allow her to rest…She can set her alarm to go off 30 min. early and you both can get it in.

      I hope that helps.

      Straight from my heart, Patrice


  3. I’ve been dating this guy for about two years and he can’t KEEP a job. It’s stressful cause now I have to pay the rent both car payments insurance etc. This happens about two or three times a year is this a sign for me to end things. This is so stress when you have to pay all the bills and u have a man living with you. What happen to the men that paid all the rent Patrice where are they? Where are the men that can keep a job and work hard I need a man that can handle his responsibility if he’s broke after paying the rent and his bills it’s not a problem cause I will hold them down until pay day. Blogger/Patrice helppppppppppppp


    • Hello Lauren 🙂

      I am not sure where to start…Well, the fact that you have been dating for two years is one issue I’ll leave alone at the moment.

      Rent, your car note and his? He would be beating his feet. You must love this man to have kept him around so either you deal with it or bounce…no since in complaining.

      I hope he would do the same for you if the tables were turned…I am not sure that a man should pay ALL THE RENT….50/50 or 60/20 would be fair. If he chooses to pay all the rent that is a wonderful thing but you must do other things to take some financial stress of him like cell bills, groceries, your car note etc. you decide what’s FAIR.

      Before you get involved with ANYONE you need to find out where they stand financially not after the fact…

      In his defense, maybe he really wants to keep a job but has some issues with communication who knows! Ask him what is the problem with him keeping a job…maybe you can help him secure a job and show him how to keep his job.

      I figure like this, if you are paying the bills when he is unemployed either you make him your husband or end it.

      It is totally fine to have your man’s back no doubt about that but not 2-3 times a year when it causes you financial stress would be too much for me!

      I have two jobs and there is no freaking way I would have a man chilling in my house. He would have to flip burgers…

      If you could care less about marriage I can respect that…but if he were your husband at least I could say deal with it since you took those vow for better or WORSE….but what can I say about a live in boyfriend that can’t keep a job?

      Once in a while we all hit a rough spot but when it’s a cycle “Houston We Have a Problem”

      Why would you support a ‘boyfriend” for TWO years? Sporadic or not he has to feel bad or maybe not.

      These are just my personal thoughts and opinions coming from my life experiences…

      Straight from my heart, Patrice


      • He always put the blame on someone else. I’m take your advice I’m leaving. You were a big help. Clearly there is something wrong with him.


      • PLEASE BE CAREFUL…Some men do not accept that a woman wants to leave them.
        I didn’t tell you to leave him honey that is up to you.
        I would never tell anyone to do that….I only SUGGEST options based on the information provided.

        You are leaving because you want to not because I told you to…


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