Leave Her Husband Alone! Leave His Wife Alone!

I won’t get into the biblical aspect of why you shouldn’t have sex with a married man/woman since it’s obvious that nobody cares that has sexual intercourse with a married person.

I’ve learned that there is no sin greater than another but I find that hard to accept. Adultery is a sin that is apprehensible in my eyes!

Two people stand before a pastor to later tell God “SIKE we were just playing”?

Trust me my sin bucket is full to the rim but a married man is and will forever be off limits unless he’s MY husband I have no right to open MY legs.

Women these days have become wife sluts but always claim all men are dogs…Men have not exactly set a great example of loyalty to their wives either…

Some men claim that sex with a slut trick isn’t the same as making love to their wife. Whatever, cheating on your wife is cheating no matter who it’s with.

Some women claim that their husband doesn’t show them enough attention. Serving your married hello kitty on a platter will get you the wrong type of attention.

Seriously, stop sleeping with other folks spouse it’s just nasty and wrong on all levels.

Does the title husband/wife ordained by Whatever your religious system is mean anything?

Guess not because I bet that somebody who is reading this has thought about it or just climbed out the bed with someone’s spouse.

If you don’t know a person is married let’s just hope you weren’t pretending to be brain dead. Since there are red flags all up in your face.

Ok, now what about the married folk that tell you straight up that they are married??

You still move forward because they were honest with you? HECK NO!!!
Run fool….

Leave it alone! Karma is real…

11 thoughts on “Leave Her Husband Alone! Leave His Wife Alone!

  1. Came across your blog love your picture my name is Curtis I would love to get to know you on a personal level. See you are having problems in your relationship and from your comments it seems like it’s over. How about we have lunch sometime.


    • Dear Curtis,

      Thanks glad you like my picture…

      First of all this is not a ‘dating blog”. It really disgust me that a man would even consider dating a woman that is actually in a problem relationship knowing that everyone needs space after a breakup.

      Yes, I put my business out there just so others can see they are not alone when it comes to relationship issues. Lots of people need advice and I want to help them get through what I have experienced in the past and currently dealing with.

      I have no shame and never worried about what others thought about me. I answer to GOD!
      When a person is going through a breakup why is it that there is always some thirsty person thinking they have a chance?

      Do I look hungry?
      Do I look like I miss any meals? NO!

      Please get a life and stop reading more into what I have on my blog then there is.
      In order for others to open up to me I must first be open to everyone who visits my blog.

      I am good trust me and don’t need a man to take me to lunch.

      EVERYONE has issues in their relationships no way around it.

      So to answer your question no thank you.


  2. Curtis the woman is in a relationship no relationship is perfect. If you read her blog she stayed and they are going to counseling so why you trying to ruin what she has this is a blog not a dating website.


  3. Hello blogger question why do good guys finish last? Is because they lack in other areas? Is it because they sex game is right? I know when they get dogged out. When a man is cheating on them all they want is a man to treat them right. When a man like myself comes along and gives them what they want they are happy but than they want bigger dicks and better sex. Quick story my ex was treated my trash in her last relationship I came along and showed her a different side. So as time went on she started partying more and staying out not coming home. No texts or phone calls until the next morning. Come to find out she was cheating on me your reason was because our sex life was boring. Than I reminded her how it use to be when we first meet. We did it all 69 I would eat her she cum in my mouth it was great and she agreed but we both got lazy. Is it my fault we got lazy or both ours? Should I take the full blame? She said it’s my fault. I’m depressed and so hurt that I lost my job and now I’m on meds. I loved her with all my heart. I’m to the point I don’t want to live because she was my world my everything:( I’m lost without her I had my life planned out and built around her. I asked her why didn’t you tell me? I think that’s something that could of been fix if we both wanted too. What’s your view on this?


    • Hello Luther…Thank you for reading my blog!
      Let’s try to keep my blog as clean as possible.
      I understand we are all adults but some words and phrases are vulgar.
      I hope you understand.

      Now let’s get started on your question. All good guys don’t finish last unless they choose to. We all lack in some area who is perfect?

      You answered your own questions and you already knew the answers but you are in denial. I don’t care how boring the sex is if you cheat it basically means there is no real love between you.

      Maybe at one point she was really into you and the sex was still boring but because she loved you she dealt with it. I am not in her head nor have I spoken to her to hear her side of the story so it’s hard to really say what you should do.

      Most importantly, I cannot suggest what you should do but merely give you my outlook based on the information you have given me. You must decide on your own.

      Every woman wants a man to treat them right but I am beginning to think that most don’t care and just want half of man.

      Size should not matter better sex comes with a connection that two people in love have.
      Without that chemistry and love it’s just nothing.

      How did you find out she was cheating? Staying out does not mean a person is cheating all the time. Not texting or calling doesn’t mean they are cheating either. Some people need time away as in no communication out of my face time to think.

      However, out of respect she should have at the very least called you to let you know she was not coming home. But then she probably thought you would argue. She wasn’t happy it’s that simple. The lazy part I can’t help you there…

      You don’t want to live? Are you joking with me? She is not the only woman out here you do know this, right?

      I am sorry you lost your job and are on meds. Maybe you should try joining a church or get some counseling to help you through this.

      “You should never love anyone more than you love not only yourself but your LIFE! “

      You will be in my prayers Luther.

      Straight from the heart, Patrice
      Remember you are in control of your life more than you know!


      • She told me she was cheating. She is my world. Patrice what ca I do? My life is turn upside down. I hate this feeling.


      • Pray about it…that’s the best advice I can give you.
        I know how you feel I’ve been cheated on before and it is not a good feeling…
        You have to shake it off man…Life is too short.


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