Equal Playing Ground…

Love yourself…this somehow welcomes others to love you as well.

People can only do what you allow them to do.

Don’t get angry with someone when you accepted being treated worthless.

Be accountable for the role you play in a problem relationship.

Some relationships can’t be glued, fixed or patched together when it’s over let it stay over.

You have a choice to either stay or walk away.

If great sex is the only reason why you stay you are in for a rude awaking.

Open your mouth and ask for what you want nobody is a mind reader in a relationship.

Never just walk away or get upset without communicating what issues you have with your partner.

Talk before you walk out the door.

Work out; keep yourself looking good and *smelling good.

Don’t get comfortable and stop doing the things you did that attracted them to you.

Just because someone says they love you means nothing if they don’t show you.

Learn how to communicate without yelling and screaming you are not a 2 year-old.

You do not own the person you are involved with.

Pay attention to how your partner treats their kids/parents.

You are not your partner’s mother nor father so stay in your place.

Never accuse your partner of cheating unless you HAVE solid proof.

Have a date night.

Respect each other’s property and personal space.

Coming from the heart, Patrice

16 thoughts on “Equal Playing Ground…

  1. I think that having a date night is important communication and respecting each other space. I want a man that respects his parents and kids. Im not looking to come home from a hard days of work to fuss leave that for birds. I hate a man that thinks because he has good dick he can control me I’ve been there done that. I like the quiet ones that work hard treat me like a queen and spoil me is that to much to ask for?


  2. You want it all including sex. My girlfriend sex game isn’t right. Is there anyway we can fix this problem I love and everything we have little small issues like other relationships but I’m willing to work thru it. I love a woman that swallows like every man does how can I get her to do that. Do you think that if a relationship is over if the sex isn’t right or can that be fix? I will admit my last relationship me and my ex used toys I used the silver bullet on her we had hand cuffs and all. I don’t want to give up on her because that. What’s your view and stand on this?


      • Sorry I will bring it down. I realized it a few years ago. She everything I want in a woman we have other issues that can be fixed. I’m a firm believer that if two people love each other they can fix any problem and make it work. We all put SEX at high level. Should we put it so high? How should I fix this problem with her


      • Mac I don’t think sex should be the most important thing in any relationship.
        It matters but not enough to let someone go that meets so many other qualifications of being a great partner.


  3. Hello Mac I’m in school for relationship therapy. We are coving this topic sex & relationships. When you are in a committed relationship and you live together as a couple and both partners work we get so wrapped up in work and we forget about our relationship and sexual life. Believe me it’s normal. A lot of couples come to counseling trying to figure out how to get that spark back. It’s really not that hard if you love each other. Have a date night ladies sometime you have to take charge. Some couples watch porn together. Believe it or not 90% of time add a little toy here and there helps spice it up. The bedroom gets boring. A lot of us have this thing that sex is suppose to happen in the bedroom. Ladies and gentleman make love all over the house. Having a few drinks can ease things when we are tipsy we tend to explore more we do things we normally don’t do and guess what that’s brings out some of the best sex. Men while your ladies are in the kitchen cooking undress her put her on the counter and have dinner if you know what I mean. Ladies cook in something sexy trust me he will get the hint. Ladies all men like sports while he’s watching sports do that thing all men like I’m trying to keep it PG on here 😉 Yes Mac I’m a form believer that if all your relationship is lacking is good sex that can be fix some learn quick so don’t teach her and tell her what’s makes you happy. Ladies do the same. You be amazed at the percentage of marriages and relationship that end because of sex. When you really think about it sex is something we learn and we get better at when communication between both adults are good. Don’t text him or her about how your not happy doing sex we are adults talk face to face explore the internet try new things. Example if you eat at your favorite restaurant for a month straight we get bored of the food and don’t want to eat it again. Think of sex the same way our bedroom gets boring try other rooms and different things. Spice it up get the juices and hormones and blooding flowing thru the body I will post a link about spicing up your sex life and saving your relationship and marriage if the blogger don’t mind. Hope this help you Mac and anyone else with this problem. I will comment more about this later headed to class now.


  4. That’s blogger I found someone that’s welling to help us with that problem. I’m in love with her. When you have a good woman or man you will do anything for them. We have our first session next week.


      • Thanks Patrice I will post the correct link soon as I find it. To Mac and patrice. The counseling that Mac is taken is a seduction class it’s more ex rated and graphic. For Mac in the class they will teach you more about the Vigina and how to find the woman G spot and the sensitive area that would give her a orgasm that she has never felt. There more in that class you will learn but for this blog I’m keeping it PG. For the women they teach all the sensitive spots of the penis how to make your man last longer in bed and other ticks. It really gets freaky and wild in those classes and I will admit the couple that attend those classes they end up staying together 99% of the time. It’s fun for both men and women you learn things about your body parts you may have never known. Mac have fun and watch how your woman becomes that lady you have always wanted her to be your sex life will improve for both of you.


      • I hope that people realize that sex won’t fix other problems they have.
        There are far more important things to concern yourself with than an orgasm.
        Just my 2 cents 🙂


  5. I agree with you there are far more problems. I’m been in a committed relationship now and between me working a full time job and going to school and she working two jobs sex isn’t number one on our list. There are nights we take baths together talk about our day dozed off in the tub 😦 it’s our way of connecting on another level.


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