No Drama

Good Evening Everyone:

Most recently, I received some comments that were unsettling. Unless your life is perfect please keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Of course, I deleted the negative comments since a response is not worth the energy when it makes no sense at all. DELETE! ahhhhh so sweet…

All comments are welcomed that will educate or promote a resolution when it comes to troubled relationships. Your personal beliefs and assumptions are not welcomed here!

I did not start this blog to JUDGE anyone nor will I allow anyone to judge me or others who decide to share private/sensitive topics.

This is my BLOG and any topic discussed on MY blog is MY choice.

If you do not have anything “POSITIVE” or “INTELLIGENT” to express please refrain from sharing your ignorance.

Allow people to express themselves unless they are being “offensive” using profanity or being outright vulgar.

Who are you? Exactly, and nobody cares! Either you help or stay off my blog we are not here to hurt or make anyone feel bad.

So just keep your judgmental arse out of the topic. Thank you…

33 thoughts on “No Drama

  1. I love it keep up the good work. You totally rock. I just had dinner with my parents and grand parents they asked me some greats questions and gave me some food for thought I want to share. My parents said Stanford why do young couples go to bed mad at each other? Why don’t we have dinner at our dinning room table talk about our day to each other? Both my parents and grand parents think a lot of relationship can be save if we communicate with each other and stop text fighting and going to bed mad at each other. Why do we fuss and fight on Monday and bring that same anger into Tuesday? My parents say back in there day they use to fight for there love and did what ever it took to save it. Do we give up to easy? We say we have our partners back but do we really? If your man or woman needs help with a issues or counseling would you go with him or her or send them alone to fix it when we both know it takes two to make a relationship work. If your man needs help in the bed do you help him or let do it alone? Fellas if your woman needs help sexual or not will you hold her hand a guide her and say baby we will get thru this or will you let her fall short? My parents ask me this I didn’t know what to say. Blogger what’s your views on this?


    • Thanks for your support.
      I agree with everything you mentioned.
      But there are so many variables.
      Back in the day men had more integrity, respect and character.
      Women were more humble and let the men lead them.
      Now MOST women wear the pants and have no respect for themselves let alone the man they are with.


      • Good morning. I went home and asked my lady the same question and she agree and to my surprise she said the same thing as you. I asked myself would I go thru the fire with this woman? Would I take a bullet for her? Would I defend her in war? My answer to all three was yes. She told me she would do the same. I asked a few couple the same question and they said yes. Does this mean we are on the same page as my mother & father? I guess so now I’m feeling great and know I’m headed in the right direction.


  2. You are right. As a man I can stand and say I have my woman’s back 100%. I know you and your man may have your issues but I can be the will go to war with you and you will do the same. That’s what I call a happy relationship working to become as perfect as possible.


  3. I made a New Years commitment to communicate more with her. I’m working harder to make our relationship perfect and our bond tighter. No relationship is perfect but I want to make it as perfect as possible. I love the fact you share your experience and views with the world what’s your New Years commitment with you man? What advice can you give me or things to do that show my love and bond for her more? I feel every year it’s a new start and that the chance you have to do it right and take your relationship and bond to another level.


    • Tell her you love her everyday…that means a lot to me. You must show it as well. Help her in the kitchen if she cooks you clean…if she washes clothes help her fold them…it’s the little things that mean so much.


  4. Good morning I would like to say I commend you on your blog. I glance at some of your topics and the one that caught my attend I took my time studied them and read the comments. I may be late but the five years no ring. I was a little bothered by it. Looking at from your point of view I understand what your saying and how you feel. I’m in my early 40’s and I must admit I really think you are in the right zone of your relationship. I’ve been married three times. Once I got married because we had a child that marriage ended quick. My second we dated for two years and she was ready to get married and I did man that was a mistake she was nasty junky and didn’t clean up. My third relationship we dated and lived together for five years and the six year I know what I had and I worked on getting her a ring. I will admit we have been married for 10years. I happy you stayed and decided to work it out. The comments you said about him I can tell he’s a good man. We have have issues in relationships and it’s a new year start the year off by focusing on you and him and make things better. If two people really want to make it work it will work. The whole world is watching what you and your man do make it happy ending with love bliss and kids. You and his family will become one and I can tell you both have a strong foundation so keep that strong foundation and build the mansion you and him have started to create. Watch for the haters they don’t want to see you and him together and they want to fail. Rise above that share the love and magic you and him created. I don’t know you or him but I would love to come to the wedding:) enjoy your weekend.


    • Willie,

      Thank you so much for your comment! You are hilarious…she was junky huh? LOL why didn’t you try to work with her? JK
      Congrats on your decision to get married and 10 years later? WOW~

      I turn 43 next month and feel there is a race against time…I want to make sure he’s what I want and need…no divorce for me….I really love and appreciate your comment 🙂


      • I tried to work with her. Come home her panties on the floor for days. Kitchen never get clean I work two full time jobs and come to food on the floor in sink I asked her are expecting Mr and Mrs roach with king and Queen rat she said no I shit at this rate seems like the will be moving in to stay. What really got me is she would take a bath and never clean the bath tube ring of dirt around the tub. I have no shame in my manhood I can clean a bathroom better than any woman. So when I clean and I have to scrub the ring from around the tub that’s when we have a problem. It get worse but I’ll stop here. I agree about the divorce thing. Look him in his eyes and say if we get married there will be no divorce if he agrees keep him. All these men want is a woman with a big butt and smile after you give them some they moving to the next I know that’s something you don’t have time for. If you can fart around your man and he still lays beside you keep him. My woman has a lil stomach and I LOVE IT I’ll rub that pudge all night long if she ask me. If he messy let him go if he doesn’t like to help u clean let him go all men should help there woman keep there home clean.


  5. The ones that leave you bad comments are haters. They can give you a million reason why they don’t like you or your blog but can’t see anything wrong with them


  6. Oh it was lethal. Strong enough to clear out time square on New Year’s Eve. I use to say damn I guess that’s why her but is big to let off those lethal bombs


  7. How do you keep drama from out of your relationship? There are a lot of undercover haters. They smile in me and girls face but they really waiting on the day we break up. It’s like we go to hangout and some females are hating on her I can see it in there eyes wanting her to be single and unhappy like them. I peep the dudes saying slick shit to her. It really get to me sometime. It’s a new year I’m trying to make our relationship stronger.


    • Hey Mike!

      The first step to keeping drama out of your relationship is asking her to NEVER discuss the issues you two may have with others.

      Keep it between you, her and whatever your religious system is.
      Speak to a professional counselor if mediation is needed.

      Just keep those haters out of your business!!!

      Make her promise you that she will never share your issues with others.
      Heck yes those women are doing and wishing exactly what you mentioned.
      Sad and miserable women are the worst friends to have.


  8. Blogger your drama is coming with the hate people hate to see our sisters happy. You have something a lot of women want and wish they had. A good man that supports you he’s not a party animal and most important he doesn’t cheat on you and he’s disease free. Got that from one of your comments lol. The hate means your doing something right. Stay positive keep up the good work.


  9. I want to share a little story with y’all. Last night was fellas night. So when on of the boys showed up late he said sorry I’m late had a argument with my lady. Than he like she wanted me to give her kiss cause no matter what we always kiss before we leave the house. He lost his life last night. Ladies and gentlemen no relationship is perfect we have to work towards that perfect relationship. Please I beg you if your in Relationship always give your woman or man a kiss and say I love you before you leave out cause those could be our last precious moments you have with that person. If you have time men and women get a Quickie and if not ladies you know what to do and men spread them legs and have breakfast lunch or dinner had to sneak that in. But it will hurt you more when that person is gone and you realize that last moment before they walked out the door you could have seized that finial special moment that we would never forget. We are all guilty of this. Ladies and gentlemen if you stay out and can’t come home because you too drunk or tired call and let them know you will not be coming home and why. But when you wake up show the the RESPECT and make sure they the first person you call and say I love you. He left and didn’t give her a kiss can you imagine what she is feeling now.


      • Trust me I started today. I left the house before so I kissed her on the lips and said I love you even thro she was sleep I still did. I hope he did the same to you or if you left before him I hope you kissed and told him you love him.:)


    • First off I would like to say hello to you can wait to read more of you topics on your blog. Thanks for sharing that story James that really touched my heart. I called my man and said I forgot to tell you I love you and to give you a kiss. We get so wrapped up in life and forget about the small things that matter.


      • Good Morning Nikki,
        Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of your comments 🙂
        I encourage everyone to share any ideas that they think will improve a relationship that is going places.


  10. Wow blogger Willie was only trying to give you advice. I understand you may be going thru the emotions but just like you give advice he giving advice an a positive message that we all can benefit from.


    • Hello Karen~

      This comment has me confused. What exactly did I write to cause you to respond this way? Hence the title “No Drama”

      My emotions are in check so no worries there. Life is short looks like you need to relax and stop being the police on my blog.

      Going through some things? You are hilarious and who isn’t? However, I don’t take my life issues out on anyone especially on a public forum.

      I am not going through anything. I’ve gone through not going through things that’s exactly why I am able to write about it and give sound advice. You can’t be serious…there is no update on my life at this point…so when I say “I am good” that is exactly what I mean nothing offensive about that.

      This is a positive blog I don’t want drama here. Thank you.


  11. Hello blogger Stanford told us about your blog in class he use it as a reference and I will agree with him it’s a good refreshing blog to read a get some quality answers. First I want to say happy New Years to you. I want to send my prayers out to your relationship I hope to see you post some engagement ring pictures soon 😉 I’ve made a horrible mistake. I broke up with my man he took it very hard. My mother father told me to stay and work it out. But of course I listen to my friends that are single and unhappy because there men dogged them out so I left. No I realize I made a huge mistake. What advice can you give me get him back. What’s your email I would love to explain it to you.


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