Adewale Would Like to Know Your Thoughts:

“I discovered that people use sex, well those who are hurt or disconnected from their true self, as an emotional outlet for their inability to confront their deepest fears”
“Sex is used to medicate pain,since orgasms or the release serves as a temporary escape from mental anguish or pain. That’s why it’s called Sexual Ecstasy.”

5 thoughts on “Adewale Would Like to Know Your Thoughts:

  1. Adewale,

    I could not agree with you more! I concur 100%…
    You are a deep brother! Blow me away oh my dear what a question, well several questions in one. Sex is used by some that are disconnected or hurt just like alcohol and drugs.
    It’s a temporary fix that can be damaging to more than your soul but you overall mental and physical health. People usually look for a way to hide from hurt and pain and sex allows some folks to feel loved and wanted just for that moment.
    I’ve never heard it communicated in the way you have done so. Sex releases all sorts of endorphins so you better believe that it’s a serious act in more ways than one.
    The awful part of using sex as an escape will lead to more irreversible damage and it seems to be worse for women. At one point; anyone that is remotely close to human will become numb when it comes to the actual act; then what?


  2. I appreciate your brilliant and insightful response. As you mentioned, people that use sex to mask their inner problems is comparable to using a temporary fix substance like drugs or alcohol. Of course, this reminds us, for those seeking meaningful and purposeful relationships, to discover and help heal the pains of our partners. So, we can grow together and help each other become more complete beings…. I am looking forward to more of your relational advice 🙂


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