What exactly is “flirting” ~vs~ being “Nice”?

Hello Folks!

I was wondering how can you really tell if someone is flirting with you?

What if you are wrong? What are the signs that they want to see you in your panties? What is it exactly that a man says to a woman to give her a hint that he’s totally interested?

Nice shoes? You smell good, what are you wearing? So, do you come here often? I hope to see you again…You work out huh?

I am asking because a friend of mine was on the phone with me when this guy asked was his jacket too big? Ok, I engaged and said a little but it looks fine since guys shouldn’t wear tight clothes. So, my friend shouts “He’s flirting with you!”

That was flirting? Hmmm?





35 thoughts on “What exactly is “flirting” ~vs~ being “Nice”?

  1. Yes that was flirting. I’ve pull that same move a few times myself. As a guy all the question you are asking that’s our way of getting you to talk so we can hopefully exchange numbers so they can get to know you better. The fact you engaged back give it sometime he will make his next move on you soon.


    • Girl You should of said it depends on how you like your clothes to fit. That way he want think your checking him out completely. That’s a quick answer no feeding his way to your panties.


      • Crusty lips ewwww no no no. When you asked guys before and they said no that’s because they realize you peeped the game they running.


      • Because they can tell your not a hoe and them being honest would be hey you look beautiful let’s go have sex. That would be a guy keeping it 100% with you. They know you want give them shit like that so they go to running and playing games


      • I’m sitting here having a drink and this guy offers to buy me a drink I said no thank you. But he gets it anyway I look the other for a minute I see him putting something in the drink. I confront him about he said fuck if you don’t sleep with me tonight another woman will. Ladies are we really making it easy for guys to get between our legs where is the self respect. My baby may be far from perfect but he loves me and spoils me I’m good where I’m at fuck these no good men. No wonder the HIV/AIDS count keeps growing everyday.


  2. Yes he was flirting with you unless he is gay. He know if that jacket is big or not he knew that the day he brought the jacket. He wants to get to know you on a personal level.


  3. Yes girl he was flirting with you 100% wow you didn’t see that coming? He will be back to make another or let you know he wants to take you out.


  4. He pulling that game on you girl. Hoping you check him out and you tell him he looks nice and smell good. Once that happens he feels he has the chance to get between your legs.


  5. Unless he’s gay the only reason he asked you that so you can talk to him and he can get a vibe or feel to see if he has a chance to get with you.


  6. When you ask guy are they flirting if they say no that’s because they feel or realize you picked up on the game they playing. Crusty lips nasty damn chap stick is only 99cents tell him his lips need more attention than that jacket.


  7. Patrice if he was be honest this is how he would came at you. Good afternoon ms I think your so sexy and you turn me on can we go have sex. All I want to do is put my crusty lips all over your body LMAO.


  8. I had a guy ask me a question like that I said hmmm I don’t know but let me take a picture of it and send it to my man and tell you want he thinks by the time I pulled my phone out all I could see was smoke behind him. Games smh


  9. Why when me and my man was going thru something’s and I asked my guys what should I do some said leave others said stay. I decided to stay and make it work. Now a few of those who didn’t know I decided to work it out texting me asking for a date and telling me how they want me. Where these guys haters undercover? Do you think they wanted to see my relationship fail?how can I trust them when I see there true colors now?


  10. I don’t really think he was flirting…the same way everyone objects to an opinion as “Hating”…we think anyone who compliments is “Flirting”. Not everyone wants us, some people are truly giving you a compliment. That gentleman probably saw you had yourself together and thought you would give a good response.


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