I started this blog to help people in troubled relationships…

Pardon the interruption…

If I offended anyone for saying “I am good, don’t worry about me honey” I apologize.
That was not my intent.

I just really wish people would leave me alone. I don’t bother anyone. The more exposure you have the more people begin to conspire against you.

When you are doing well it seems that the devil is always busy. Not sure why some people find pleasure in trying to destroy a good thing. It’s really sad.

Please just go away I don’t want any trouble. Leave me and my blog in peace. I love to write so that’s what I am doing…this is not supposed to turn into a war.

Whatever you know about me doesn’t matter because that is in my past.

I am no angel and never claimed to be. I don’t know who you are and don’t care just stay off my blog.

I am certain you can find something more productive to do than harass me.

May God Bless you and I hope that you can find peace in your heart.

9 thoughts on “I started this blog to help people in troubled relationships…

      • Those are what we call HATERS. When you happy and you have a good man or woman in your life and things are going great the devil works overtime to destroy that happiness that’s why we must attend church give thanks to the man above.


      • James that is so true. Everytime it never fails…I’ve had to deal with it all my life…just tired now. But when you are headed in the right direction all hell breaks loose.


  1. Yes it get old and brings unnecessary stress to our lives. That’s why I stay at home and relax with my lady. To many haters want to destroy our happiness.


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