Beware of the Gossip Girl/Man

Let’s face it…sometimes you need someone to talk to when you are going through rough periods in your life…however; who you choose to discuss your life with can make matters worse.

Never talk about your relationship issues with your associates/friends unless you want them sharing your business with the world. They pretend to care while listening to your deepest secrets drip from your lips. BEWARE!

 Most people want what you have and have no idea that what you have isn’t all that great but you know how to make it work. In some cases your woman/man may be all that and a bag of chips but they don’t need to be told let his/her actions show.

 Use my blog to vent your relationship issues rather than a gossiping hater woman/man. You remain anonymous and never have to worry about haters trying to step into your shoes if you decide to move on or steal what you have.

 In reality the only person you can trust is yourself (I hope) and God. It’s some sick folks out here that will make it their goal to get close to you only to destroy you.

Miserable people are so dead inside that trying to cause chaos in another person’s life brings them EXTREME pleasure.



45 thoughts on “Beware of the Gossip Girl/Man

  1. Wow sis you are on point with this 100%. I’ve seen marriages and strong relationship end because women/ men share there deepest secrets with they so call FRIEND. If you are in a committed relationship and have been in it for a few years your other have should be your best friend. A lot of relationship would last long if men and women would just start talking about there problem and help find a answer to the problem. But instead we text our mate and tell them the problem why is it cause you both can’t talk like adults? Trust no one but your woman/man. I want to see how honest people are if your man/woman is your best friend comment and tell us why.

  2. James my lady is my best friend when I need a shoulder to cry on she is there. When I need a little push and encouragement she is there. James you know when you have a good woman cause she pushes you to do better. MY WOMAN IS MY BEST. Blogger this is so true you can’t trust anyone as a man I don’t trust other men around my woman because they will try to sleep with her. Who needs a so call friend when they talk behind your back and smile in your face.

  3. Blogger you can’t trust no B_ _ _h they gossip and tell your dearest secrets. I told a female who I thought was my best friend a secret about my man. One night we all hanging out as couples and someone said something about it. Girl we were so embarrassed my name cried and left me. That same female I told the secret too tried to fuck him. I learn the hard way. 😦

  4. Hello blogger love this topic I’m share some old wisdom with you younger generation. When we had problems back my day we talk about it to our wife or husband. If we need more help we would talk to our pastor. I can say me and my wife never went to bed mad at each other. Whatever problems we had or was mad about we solved them before bed. Why do you get everyone involved in your relationship a relationship is between two people. So that mean the two off you need to figure out the problem. Talk to your partner ask them how was there day. Have dinner together. Take it back to the old days and I promise things will be better.

      • Your welcome. Back than our women use to support our man when we had bad days they made it better. When we needed advice they shared they opinion. As men we supported our women made sure they were safe and taken care of. To you blogger I read your post in your other topics. I must admit your hubby to be reminds me of myself my world revolves around my wife. Stick it out work with him if he’s willing to work with you. If he attends church and is trying to become a better man help him because your his backbone and if you brake it he’s on good. Your his support like he’s yours. Stand clear of the haters they want you and him to fail but with you holding his hand no man or woman will break the love and bond you both have in the name of GOD I pray for you and him Amen.

  5. Thanks James I’m just share some real life wisdom that seems to be forgotten by the younger people. Nothing was easy for us back in my time we had to fight and struggle for what we wanted. Now it seem a lot of people are expecting money power and RESPECT over night. You have to work hard for the money no ones going to give it to you. Power that’s something you build with you woman or man with the strength of you as a couple no one can tear you apart. Respect comes when it’s given. Ladies give your man the proper respect and men you do the same. If you talk bad about your man or woman the next person going to do the same. Look you woman or man in the eye every morning and night and them you love them with a good morning kiss or night. Don’t worry about the morning breath we all have it. 🙂

      • Your welcome. My grandmother & grandfather told these words when I entered my adult life. They said bill find a woman that will honor you as a man and take care of home. You treat that woman like if she was me or your mother. I can say I’ve never call my wife outside her name in private or public. I see grown men calling females all types of man. How would you take it if a man call your mother those names. Blogger you have a great soul. I can tell from you your man has a great heart and soul. Remember everyday want be Christmas in the relationship. The devil works overtime to destroy our lives. I want you and everyone else reading your blog to love your partner more each day hangout with your man or woman. Some female only invite other females to hangout so they can get into there business and destroy there relationship. If you seat back and watch they are the DEVIL you let enter into your relationship that’s feeding and clouding your mind with negative energy that thoughts and than you take that devil into your house and all hell breaks loose. Keep the devils always.

  6. Blogger your going to become a success story and I hope you and him are ready to embrace the good the bad and ugly. Stay strong and walk thru the fire with him as he gets burn he going to need you to smooth and heal his wounds he’s going to make sure your safe. All the rocks and bullets they throwing at you he blocking them. Show the haters the love you both have for each other can’t be broken or taken away.

  7. Thanks for your help blogger I realize that the devil was trying to enter my house as my friends. Time to clean up and distance myself from those so call friends

  8. Hey Patrice how are you? I’ve met you a few times at JT house your a very sweet lady. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your man also. You too are a very cute couple. When me and my ex was around you we felt the love the two of you shared and we wanted that for ourselves. That guy cherish everything about you. I remember him talking to us about you. He said I never knew what true love was until I met Patrice. He said you bring so much joy to his world. As I took my time and read all your topic I felt a sharp pain in my heart when I read you was leaving him. I just wished you could worked it out. Believe it or not we all need a man to love us and treat you how he treats you. I tell everyone to this day I want a man to love me how Patrice man loves her. It’s like when you and him enter a room it fills the room with the love and spirit you have. I’ve seen him in church a few weeks ago when he went up front to give hisself to god. I was looking for you but couldn’t find you after the service. I want to know how did you get him to go to church? That’s one thing I’m having trouble with. I’m not going to bore you with this comment just want to say hi happy new year.

    • Realist I want to thank you for your comment and it’s far from boring.
      It’s been six years now and I am 43…
      There is no more time to waste.
      He’s a great guy but there are things I can’t tolerate any longer.
      People tend to attend church that normally don’t when they are at a low point.
      Happy New Year!!
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  9. Wow sis looks like you have some serious fans. They dumped there men just like that. Your schedule is about to be booked for the new year.

  10. If your taken his advice why are you taken a break from him? How and what will that break do for your relationship with him. I’m confused about the break think or is this just something older people do.

  11. This is so true people who you think are really your friends are not they talk about you behind your back. They talk about your mans behind your back. They talk about your relationship behind your back. They pray on your relationship down fall. The devil comes in so many shapes forms. Who can we trust these days?

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