They Never Wanted You!

Why do we spend so much time and energy trying to keep a person that does not want to be kept? When someone else comes along and they so call cheat; you are so devastated and for what reason?

First of all, when you are in a relationship and you are not married nor engaged you can pretty much do what the heck you want to.

 Of course, you may have a verbal contract/agreement that you two are to be monogamous but how long do you expect that to stay in effect?

 People will see who they want to see whether it’s in your face or behind your back so get over it…Funny how “YOU NEVER EXISTED” when they met this “person” so they could get what they wanted.

 They never wanted you or you would have existed and nothing would have occurred between this “person”.

 Don’t ever allow someone to have so much control over your life that you become miserable and try to attack folks that had no idea you EVER EXISTED.

 Be upset with the person who knew you existed…




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