Let Me Make Myself Clear!

I am not in a position to “suggest” or tell anyone to leave their 5-8 year relationship even if they aren’t married or engaged. No judging over here; when I stayed with my man for 6 years…If you decide to end your relationship it’s your choice!!!

When you read my blog and comments please don’t add what’s not there…COMPREHENSION is critical.

Now if you told me he was abusive (slapping you around and punching on you) then YES you should leave ASAP no question about that. However; if verbal or physical abuse is not an issue how the heck can I tell someone to leave? There are TWO sides to every story…

I merely posted a topic specifically about my life that some people assumed in some crazy deranged way that they should dump their boyfriends.
My life is exactly that…MY LIFE! Do whatever you choose and I have nothing to do with it. You are given my opinion ONLY and YOU have to make your OWN choice.
We are all adults so stop blaming others for choices that you make alone.

Update on my situation:
We decided to take a break so we can clear our minds to see if marriage is what we really need or want.
I believe if he couldn’t decide long ago it’s obvious this is a last-minute ploy he swears is not the case. Yes, he’s a GREAT NICE GUY but he’s not the only NICE GREAT GUY in the world.
Guess what? I am not blaming anyone about the decision we made together no matter what I was told to do not suggested!

People leave because they want to not because someone told them to…If that is the case they wanted to leave anyway or you are that weak to allow someone to (unbeknownst to them) to decide in your mind based on something you made up.

What a perfect excuse “I read 5 years no ring WTF? That’s why I left…smh


173 thoughts on “Let Me Make Myself Clear!

  1. As far work he’s ok he’s very distance But you know a new company may come along so they not sure if they will keep them. Nick said we will talk tonight I will email you later on when he gets in.


    • Wendy,
      I am already on it. He has me worried big time! His family needs to step in as well.
      He needs a support system that won’t judge him. He told me today that he feels like he has nobody…and all they do is judge him.
      Why do I feel forced to stay? This is so unfair!!!


      • Talk to his mom get her involve. Invite her over while he is there and both of you sit him down and talk to him. Once depression hits if he’s not strong enough he may not every bounce back and could be on meds. My brother will be on meds because his depression now we have to watch him.


  2. I just saw this email she commented on my five years no ring post. May she rest in peace:

    to me
    12 hours agoDetails
    Just want to inform you Rachel passed away. She told me to email and say thanks for the joy you shared with her and she will be looking down on you as you get married and said stay make it work. I will give you more details as I get them.


  3. I have a million dollar question that no one has asked you yet. I don’t know your man but I feel sorry for the brother I can only imagine what he going thru. I want to help this relationship I saw all the comments. What does a man like him have to do so he can make you his wife. TW reach out to me I want to talk to you.


  4. Patrice I got caught up in working and trying provide for our house hold I lost focus. That just me being honest. As a man we are always under pressure cause we want to make sure our woman is happy and that’s what I did. A lot of men get side track that doesn’t mean we don’t want to marry you we just got of course. I can bet that’s what happen to TW.


    • Simple man a lot of us lose that focus I’m glad she help you get back on point. That’s what a woman does for the man she loves. Patrice you and TW are role models for a lot of couples out here. You may not realize it but you are. I think you and him should have a heart to heart cause there is a lot of love between you too. I bet you think about him all the time and he does the same.


  5. Hello Patrice James gave me your blog to check out I like it so far. It’s amazing me that so many of us as females go thru the samething. I went thru the same situation three years ago. I saw your comment that you said you want go to counseling because your not married or engaged. I understand that. I was thinking the something but I decided to give it a try because I KNEW we wasn’t compatable. I will admit I learn so much about him and myself that I was in shock. It’s amazing how much of our past relationships effect the ones we are in. You will see him open up in ways that will make you love him more. I’m not saying anything is wrong with you but you will be in shock the stuff you never realized. I can’t make you do anything but I highly suggest take a few classes with him. I will say this our bond got stronger our relationship did a 360 we improved on all levels. Our sex life got better it went from boring to amazing. He became a better man with me on his side and most important he stop all the sneaking and telling lies. Hope you draw some positive inspiration from this. Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon. I forgot the best part of this all I can’t keep him out of church he goes every Sunday with or without me. Those classes blessed us. Now we are getting married.


    • Good Morning Jessica,

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog 🙂
      Happy you like it thus far.

      I am happy you gave it a chance but there are some things that I will not do for my personal reasons.

      You did what you thought was right and I will not tell you otherwise. If I need a third party involved saving a relationship other than God then it’s not for me.

      Something is wrong with all of us to be honest. We all have issues but the difference between me and lots of people is I don’t hide behind my problems I deal with them head on.
      I don’t need a third party to tell me how to be happy…Congratulations on your soon to be marriage…

      Getting married is easy staying married is the hard part.

      God Bless You!

      Straight from My Heart, Patrice


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