No More Threats!!!

There were some graphic and scary comments that were left by some people that will not be posted.

I read them all. However; I think it is in my best interest to not respond. They all are saved just in case…This is supposed to be a fun blog…RELAX!
Based on the emails I received; I have learned that I CAN NOT trust ANYONE! It is someone that knows me personally or knows someone that I know who is speaking harshly about me.

I will NOT be held liable for anyone who harms themselves or breaks up with their partner. Anyone that harms themselves needs Jesus. My life has not been a cake walk and I would NEVER hurt myself over some man. But that’s me!!!! I am stronger and smarter than that mentally and most importantly spiritually. I love myself too much…I love life too much!!

People try to dig up your past to discredit you. Defamation of character is a criminal offense just in case you didn’t know.
I filed a police report against one female to stop her from harassing me via my blog and email.

Understand that it is a First Class Misdemeanor when you send messages after I have asked you to “Cease and Desist” all communication that involves threats. I will prosecute you to the fullest.

Nobody will stand in my way or my BLOG!


9 thoughts on “No More Threats!!!

  1. Your comment will not appear on my thread…Thank you for your concern but I could care less about that mess. Please go away and leave me in peace. Sounds like you both have issues…This blog stores your IP address so I would advise you to leave me alone. I am asking you and your little buddy to STOP contacting me. Thank you and God Bless.


  2. I had some of my younger family members came over the house today and they were like unk you have a face book I said yea they said you too old to have one. As adults can we get to old for Facebook Instagram etc? If your over 40 please give me your feed back.


    • James lol I agree my mom is on Facebook and Instagram I feel the same way I’m trying to get her to delete both her accounts it feels strange. I’m not in my 40s I’m 19


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