We Have A History…OK?

If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, would you jump? If you are a jumper STAY OFF MY BLOG!!!!

This is my opinion based on my very own personal experiences and pure observation:

Sometimes we lose ourselves in relationships by placing too much emphasis on the other person neglecting the most important person and that’s you not them. The worst thing you can do is depend on someone to love you when you don’t love yourself…that is truly sad.

If a person starts of telling lies and cheating more than likely they will continue to do so if you are still hanging around…you are simply saying “it’s totally fine to DOG me out”. Begin to take full responsibility for the role you play in a disastrous unfulfilled relationship and stop pointing fingers. “It takes TWO to tangle” …

There is huge difference between a good history and bad history. I strongly believe that you must be happy no matter what the situation is. There is no perfect relationship but being happy is so worth working through the tough times. My philosophy is that I am responsible for 60% of my happiness the other should be fulfilled by my mate….30% give or take a little. (Vice versa)

Otherwise, why do I need him? Ok! SEX…hmmm? “After the nut then what?”
Can a person change? Of course they can! If they want to change you can’t make them decide to change no matter how much you try.


17 thoughts on “We Have A History…OK?

  1. Sister I need to attend your classes. So man females want a man that can last 1 hour in the bed and have the biggest stick. But here is some real facts the average man last 5-7 minutes before they nut. Some women can take 20mins to cum so. So please stop making sex your number one rule cause you will be chasing a fantasy for life. A man will only change if he wants to no man or woman will change unless they want too. Like the blogger has said her relationship is hers not yours. Don’t leave your man because she did. They are taking a break and for the young couples a break does not mean Your free to have sex with another person cause that’s no clearing your mind. Blogger I think you should make a post about what a relationship break is.


  2. I will admit I left my man after your post five years WTF. So what does a break mean. Will you get back with him? I’m confused I was told if you love someone you stay and make it work not take a break. Gregory and blogger please help me I’m confused.


    • Regina a break is time away to think thing through…I don’t know only time will tell if we get back or not.
      There is nothing to be confused about..this is about my life not yours.
      I never told you to leave anyone. Gregory please assist. Thanks.


      • Hey Regina a break is when two MATURE decide to give each other space. Some couples need space because they are stressed other reasons could be to make the other person see what they really have and miss. I took a break from my wife before we got married because like Patrice man I didn’t get her a ring and I use to lie to my woman but I never cheated. That was her way of say Greg get your life right or I’m gone. That break help us. Regina me and my wife break I didn’t see other women and she didn’t see other men. Our agreement was to clear our head and give the other person chance to get there life together. If you don’t get just say it I’ll explain it to you


      • Folks remember this blog is about PATRICE MCCULLOUGH life. This is what she is doing don’t follow her actions unless you are in the same situation. Guess what your not in her situation cause you don’t know situation.


      • Gregory,

        Thanks for clarifying that but some will never get it…sad sad sad!

        I had to spam their men’s comments! They were upset with me for something I did NOT do.


  3. WHOA WHOA WHOA, How in the world can you say that you and 3 other women left your men because of reading my sisters blog……???? like she said not cool at all, also if you all left that means you were ready to leave or take a break. her blog was what you needed to read & push you ova the edge. Your Welcome then, hey we have all been where you are. but guess what “this to shall pass” . Life Goes On Family…..


  4. I want to say thanks blogger I was able to express myself last night and got a lot off my chest on your blog. My brother took his life over a woman today. I’m really stressed and depressed. I just need someone to talk to blogger are you free to talk?


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