Comments & Questions

 I apologize for the delayed response time…

Hope everyone is doing well today!

I read all of your comments and try to respond to each one faithfully. If you do not see your comments posted; it’s because they must be approved (moderated) by me first. Once I respond your comments/questions will be approved.

Give me at least 48 hours to respond. I am not ignoring you and care about what you are going through. My goal is to respond in the order in which the questions/comments are received. This is more than I bargained for and trust me I love every minute of it.

Be patient and know that you will get a response from me soon. I would rather wait until time permits to make sure you get the best advice/opinion 🙂 possible.

Stay encouraged! Have a blessed day & keep smiling no matter what you are going through things will get better. You are in my prayers Raymond, Rasheeda and Kendrick!

Straight from the Heart, Patrice

6 thoughts on “Comments & Questions

  1. Thanks Patrice I’m praying you and him to make it work also 🙂 girl you have a huge fan base people talk about your relationship on twitter. They watch your blog like they watch scandle. We are cheering that we get wedding pictures soon.


      • Yes Patrice they are. I say a twit about your blog than it had TW I think he made a comment I’m going to find the conversations on twitter and send them to you I’m going to say 85% thinks you and him will get married. You have the highest comments when you write about your relationship with him what’s that about girl.


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