Beware of the Gossip Girl/Man

Let’s face it…sometimes you need someone to talk to when you are going through rough periods in your life…however; who you choose to discuss your life with can make matters worse.

Never talk about your relationship issues with your associates/friends unless you want them sharing your business with the world. They pretend to care while listening to your deepest secrets drip from your lips. BEWARE!

 Most people want what you have and have no idea that what you have isn’t all that great but you know how to make it work. In some cases your woman/man may be all that and a bag of chips but they don’t need to be told let his/her actions show.

 Use my blog to vent your relationship issues rather than a gossiping hater woman/man. You remain anonymous and never have to worry about haters trying to step into your shoes if you decide to move on or steal what you have.

 In reality the only person you can trust is yourself (I hope) and God. It’s some sick folks out here that will make it their goal to get close to you only to destroy you.

Miserable people are so dead inside that trying to cause chaos in another person’s life brings them EXTREME pleasure.



They Never Wanted You!

Why do we spend so much time and energy trying to keep a person that does not want to be kept? When someone else comes along and they so call cheat; you are so devastated and for what reason?

First of all, when you are in a relationship and you are not married nor engaged you can pretty much do what the heck you want to.

 Of course, you may have a verbal contract/agreement that you two are to be monogamous but how long do you expect that to stay in effect?

 People will see who they want to see whether it’s in your face or behind your back so get over it…Funny how “YOU NEVER EXISTED” when they met this “person” so they could get what they wanted.

 They never wanted you or you would have existed and nothing would have occurred between this “person”.

 Don’t ever allow someone to have so much control over your life that you become miserable and try to attack folks that had no idea you EVER EXISTED.

 Be upset with the person who knew you existed…




I started this blog to help people in troubled relationships…

Pardon the interruption…

If I offended anyone for saying “I am good, don’t worry about me honey” I apologize.
That was not my intent.

I just really wish people would leave me alone. I don’t bother anyone. The more exposure you have the more people begin to conspire against you.

When you are doing well it seems that the devil is always busy. Not sure why some people find pleasure in trying to destroy a good thing. It’s really sad.

Please just go away I don’t want any trouble. Leave me and my blog in peace. I love to write so that’s what I am doing…this is not supposed to turn into a war.

Whatever you know about me doesn’t matter because that is in my past.

I am no angel and never claimed to be. I don’t know who you are and don’t care just stay off my blog.

I am certain you can find something more productive to do than harass me.

May God Bless you and I hope that you can find peace in your heart.

What exactly is “flirting” ~vs~ being “Nice”?

Hello Folks!

I was wondering how can you really tell if someone is flirting with you?

What if you are wrong? What are the signs that they want to see you in your panties? What is it exactly that a man says to a woman to give her a hint that he’s totally interested?

Nice shoes? You smell good, what are you wearing? So, do you come here often? I hope to see you again…You work out huh?

I am asking because a friend of mine was on the phone with me when this guy asked was his jacket too big? Ok, I engaged and said a little but it looks fine since guys shouldn’t wear tight clothes. So, my friend shouts “He’s flirting with you!”

That was flirting? Hmmm?





Allow others to be who they are…

I am my worst critic.

I know the things that need to be changed about me. Therefore; I need for everyone else to focus on their own issues and allow me to attend to mine. If we focus more on ourselves than pointing fingers at others the world would be a better place with less gossip.

To be honest, I actually love who I have become. I may not be perfect or say all the right things but at least I am not PHONY and IGNORANT.

Besides if everyone acted like you the world would be boring so allow others to be who they are! Thanks 🙂

No Drama

Good Evening Everyone:

Most recently, I received some comments that were unsettling. Unless your life is perfect please keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Of course, I deleted the negative comments since a response is not worth the energy when it makes no sense at all. DELETE! ahhhhh so sweet…

All comments are welcomed that will educate or promote a resolution when it comes to troubled relationships. Your personal beliefs and assumptions are not welcomed here!

I did not start this blog to JUDGE anyone nor will I allow anyone to judge me or others who decide to share private/sensitive topics.

This is my BLOG and any topic discussed on MY blog is MY choice.

If you do not have anything “POSITIVE” or “INTELLIGENT” to express please refrain from sharing your ignorance.

Allow people to express themselves unless they are being “offensive” using profanity or being outright vulgar.

Who are you? Exactly, and nobody cares! Either you help or stay off my blog we are not here to hurt or make anyone feel bad.

So just keep your judgmental arse out of the topic. Thank you…