What exactly is “flirting” ~vs~ being “Nice”?

Hello Folks!

I was wondering how can you really tell if someone is flirting with you?

What if you are wrong? What are the signs that they want to see you in your panties? What is it exactly that a man says to a woman to give her a hint that he’s totally interested?

Nice shoes? You smell good, what are you wearing? So, do you come here often? I hope to see you again…You work out huh?

I am asking because a friend of mine was on the phone with me when this guy asked was his jacket too big? Ok, I engaged and said a little but it looks fine since guys shouldn’t wear tight clothes. So, my friend shouts “He’s flirting with you!”

That was flirting? Hmmm?





Allow others to be who they are…

I am my worst critic.

I know the things that need to be changed about me. Therefore; I need for everyone else to focus on their own issues and allow me to attend to mine. If we focus more on ourselves than pointing fingers at others the world would be a better place with less gossip.

To be honest, I actually love who I have become. I may not be perfect or say all the right things but at least I am not PHONY and IGNORANT.

Besides if everyone acted like you the world would be boring so allow others to be who they are! Thanks 🙂

No Drama

Good Evening Everyone:

Most recently, I received some comments that were unsettling. Unless your life is perfect please keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Of course, I deleted the negative comments since a response is not worth the energy when it makes no sense at all. DELETE! ahhhhh so sweet…

All comments are welcomed that will educate or promote a resolution when it comes to troubled relationships. Your personal beliefs and assumptions are not welcomed here!

I did not start this blog to JUDGE anyone nor will I allow anyone to judge me or others who decide to share private/sensitive topics.

This is my BLOG and any topic discussed on MY blog is MY choice.

If you do not have anything “POSITIVE” or “INTELLIGENT” to express please refrain from sharing your ignorance.

Allow people to express themselves unless they are being “offensive” using profanity or being outright vulgar.

Who are you? Exactly, and nobody cares! Either you help or stay off my blog we are not here to hurt or make anyone feel bad.

So just keep your judgmental arse out of the topic. Thank you…

Equal Playing Ground…

Love yourself…this somehow welcomes others to love you as well.

People can only do what you allow them to do.

Don’t get angry with someone when you accepted being treated worthless.

Be accountable for the role you play in a problem relationship.

Some relationships can’t be glued, fixed or patched together when it’s over let it stay over.

You have a choice to either stay or walk away.

If great sex is the only reason why you stay you are in for a rude awaking.

Open your mouth and ask for what you want nobody is a mind reader in a relationship.

Never just walk away or get upset without communicating what issues you have with your partner.

Talk before you walk out the door.

Work out; keep yourself looking good and *smelling good.

Don’t get comfortable and stop doing the things you did that attracted them to you.

Just because someone says they love you means nothing if they don’t show you.

Learn how to communicate without yelling and screaming you are not a 2 year-old.

You do not own the person you are involved with.

Pay attention to how your partner treats their kids/parents.

You are not your partner’s mother nor father so stay in your place.

Never accuse your partner of cheating unless you HAVE solid proof.

Have a date night.

Respect each other’s property and personal space.

Coming from the heart, Patrice

Leave Her Husband Alone! Leave His Wife Alone!

I won’t get into the biblical aspect of why you shouldn’t have sex with a married man/woman since it’s obvious that nobody cares that has sexual intercourse with a married person.

I’ve learned that there is no sin greater than another but I find that hard to accept. Adultery is a sin that is apprehensible in my eyes!

Two people stand before a pastor to later tell God “SIKE we were just playing”?

Trust me my sin bucket is full to the rim but a married man is and will forever be off limits unless he’s MY husband I have no right to open MY legs.

Women these days have become wife sluts but always claim all men are dogs…Men have not exactly set a great example of loyalty to their wives either…

Some men claim that sex with a slut trick isn’t the same as making love to their wife. Whatever, cheating on your wife is cheating no matter who it’s with.

Some women claim that their husband doesn’t show them enough attention. Serving your married hello kitty on a platter will get you the wrong type of attention.

Seriously, stop sleeping with other folks spouse it’s just nasty and wrong on all levels.

Does the title husband/wife ordained by Whatever your religious system is mean anything?

Guess not because I bet that somebody who is reading this has thought about it or just climbed out the bed with someone’s spouse.

If you don’t know a person is married let’s just hope you weren’t pretending to be brain dead. Since there are red flags all up in your face.

Ok, now what about the married folk that tell you straight up that they are married??

You still move forward because they were honest with you? HECK NO!!!
Run fool….

Leave it alone! Karma is real…

Decisions Can Be SCARY!

All the feedback in the world will never save you from your FATE!

But oh my do I have to be the one responsible for the outcome? Yep!

Help! Help! I don’t know what I should do. I pray day and night waiting for something somehow to be revealed. I am still waiting…Ok, so I should be still, quiet in a dark room, light incense and Meditate ?

I’ve tried doing handstands with my legs holding me up on the wall thinking maybe I need more blood rushed to my brain. Go figure! The things I will do when desperate for answers…

Decisions can change the entire course of your life for the best or worse. Although, choices must be made throughout life both big and small; sometimes we really want to go hide and hope that somehow magically things will work out but it won’t.

You stress yourself out wondering what you should do afraid of the outcome later as a result of your decision. The worse is when you say to yourself “I made the wrong choice”. Oh well, learning sucks but we have to experience the good and the bad.

No matter what decision you make the best part is you were strong enough to “decide” and not let fear crush your growth never knowing what could have been.

Things that are meant to be are “full circle”.  Set yourself free through finally making the very choice you are afraid to make.

Happy & Alone?

Anyone that says they love being single could be telling the truth for that moment; eventually they will eat their words when loneliness knocks on the door.

I recall my single days and I was so happy to be able to do whatever whenever without answering to anyone. But there were times I wanted to have someone to call my own and to have a loving partner. Holidays were the hardest after a while.

That’s when being single got old quickly…love being single? Maybe at the moment.

Indeed you will open that door to face reality that it’s innate to want a mate.

Flip side of that is everyone needs alone time at one point in their life.

It’s far better to be single than in a unhealthy dead end stuck in a rut relationship.

Finally, there are some folks who love staring at the walls or having grand central station in their bedroom but are they happy?