Fall Back!

Maybe if people knew my struggle and what I had to endure in my life they would understand who I have become.
Maybe if people knew my struggle they would understand why I don’t care what they think about me.
It’s not that my heart doesn’t care it’s my struggle that made me numb to hurtful slurs and attempts to deface my character.
If I told them they would use my past against me when I hold my head too high.
When I smile they would use my past to make me cry.
My struggle started from the womb up until now and I refuse to bow down to anyone who can’t accept who I have become.
I am living proof that there is a higher power.
After all the hurtful things that were done and said to me over the years I am still smiling and giving him praise for having my back 10000000000%
Jesus is all I need and the only way I will bow down.
All the others who seek me out to try and destroy me FALL BACK!

Thank You!!!!

Thank You!
This blog was created to allow people to ask their most personal questions without being “JUDGED”

You just can’t trust everybody with your business period…Here you can spill your guts because we have no idea who you are 🙂
This blog allows you to remain anonymous without having to worry about backstabbing, jealous, gossiping evil people talking behind your back after you trusted them enough to confide in.

I felt that airing a little of my dirty laundry would set the stage knowing this would be risky…but I didn’t care.
I want to thank each of you who took the time to not only read my blog but actually left a comment.

Positive, constructive criticism is always welcomed. Many of you have good hearts and are extremely mature and that is rare!

My following is supportive, intelligent and humorous! I am so grateful to have moderation capabilities that will not allow any comments to show up on my blog before I approve them…Spam is a blessing too!

If you only knew how many times I was grossly attacked via my blog your head would spin. What keeps me going is the GOOD PEOPLE on my blog…
AGAIN, thank you all for following me and spreading the word about my blog you are totally cool for that in so many ways!

Love you all no kidding
Straight form the Heart, Patrice

Random Thoughts #2

• When you finally realize what you don’t want in a relationship that’s better than not knowing.
• Sometimes we know what we want but aren’t too clear on exactly what that may be.
• For some strange reason most people specifically females get caught up in what I call fairytale love.
• My opinion, most folks get married for financial gain and great sex over love. This is not the case with every situation.
• When someone tells you that they don’t love you; believe them.
• If someone tells you that they love you; tell them to show you as well.
• The worst part is you not knowing if the other person truly loves you or if they are with you because you have “benefits”. People are very good at faking it until they make it.
• Being afraid to give your heart to someone is not the way anyone should live but being cautious is very necessary.
• Having a history with someone means nothing if that history is full of deceit, pain and misery.
• Don’t ever believe that love is supposed to hurt; if it does you are forcing something that is not meant to be.
• It’s not fair but who said life was? You may totally love someone with all your heart and they may just “like” you.

Are You Damaged Goods?

Never blame anyone for your unhappiness. People only do what you “allow” them to do. Take responsibility for the role you play in any relationship. The longer you stay in an unhealthy relationship the less chance you have of EVER having a healthy relationship with anyone.

You will continue to have flash backs and blame everyone that comes into your life for something that you allowed another person to do to you.

We all have a threshold when it comes to your level of tolerance but you have to know what that threshold is.

Never blame anyone for your unhappiness; I am certain you know where the door is.

Straight from The Heart, Patrice ❤

The Shoes I Wear…

My closet holds tons of shoes.

Most of my shoes look beautiful on my feet but some are very painful.

The shoes I wear may look great on the outside but the sole is worn so thin on the bottom that with every step there is a rock piercing through the ball of my feet.

They may look pretty on the outside but at the end of the day when I come home my feet are in so much pain.

I am the only one walking in those shoes…

Walking down the street people say “Hey, girl those shoes are bad to the bone, I want some just like those” If they only knew no matter what size you buy ½ size bigger or the perfect fit they hurt no matter how nice they look.

This particular pair of shoes looks good on the outside and every female wants a pair when she sees them. Let me tell you this…they hurt so much that I had to retire this one pair of shoes that all the girls flocked to.


I sincerely apologize if my post “Take a Seat” offended anyone.
Lord knows my intention is not to offend anyone. I have over 160 posts, are you serious?
Some folks are always looking for a fight.

My posts are not directed towards anyone in particular since I have no idea who is actually reading my blog.

This is an open forum in which I should not have to walk on egg shells when posting my personal thoughts and feelings that have nothing to do with any of you who are “offended’ by my personal feelings.

Please whatever you do don’t take anything “personal” when it’s not about you. This blog is about MY life alone. I am able to answer and give some sound advice on things that I have “personally experienced”.

I write about what others are afraid to share fearing the backlash or negative responses that most will have. All advice that my followers left under 5 Years No Ring WTF? were welcomed and some were not…So indeed some folks needed to back off in some cases.

You can either be NEGATIVE or POSITVE while reading my blog…take the higher road. My blog is not for overly sensitive people who always think someone is attacking them on a personal level.

You all have no idea how many comments that are ugly received that never hit my page for you to see.

The one thing I will not allow on my blog is outright disrespect. Hurting people or toying with their emotions isn’t my thing either.

You speak your peace and respect my decision. Don’t indirectly refer to me as being stupid or not realizing when I have a good thing in my life.


I am just not afraid to share the mistakes I’ve made with hopes someone else won’t do the exact thing!

That’s a sacrifice that I’ve chosen to make…