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How would you handle this situation? Have this female coworker who, at times, gives me the impression that she likes me and wants me to do her but always try to play it off by saying something crass and negative in her own joking way when coworkers call her out by telling her that they think she really likes me.
We joke around with each other and I’ve befriended by treating her to lunch..well giving her lunch money..never going out to lunch with her. I’ve also listened to her tell me stories about this guy she’s involved with..tells me she think he’s one of those down low brothers because he likes for her to play with his a** when their having sex..don’t know to what degree he like for her to play with his a**..she won’t say.
She’s a cute girl but I’m not physically turned on by her and because of that I don’t flirt with her or come on to her..her ego is bruised. I think she thinks I’m gay. She’s also nosey and sneaky and cunning. I don’t really trust her as far as I can throw her. Friday she came down to our dept. She was on joke time. We were the only two in the dept and we were talk and joking. Then a few other guys came into the room with us. She starts making this comment tell the guys that she thinks I’m a..butt boy. Of course the guys all laughed. I told her that she was crazy and that I didn’t have time to comment on foolish statements. I left the group and went to do my work. As I was working in the next cubical, she starts calling me butt boy again while the guys laugh and while I’m on the phone. After I hung up the phone, I was ready to dig into her a** because she was being very cunning by throwing out a derogatory accusation to my coworkers about me..knowing how office rumors spread. That was her main intent. I kept my mouth shut this time but let her say it again she’ll regret it..believe me!

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  1. First, stop giving her lunch money you are not her man.
    I need to know what gives you the impression that she wants you. Give me some examples to make sure you aren’t delusional. It appears that you have a bunch of folks in your office that have no life.
    You are giving another man’s woman money for lunch? What is wrong with you? But at least you didn’t actually go out to lunch with her…she accepted the money too…WOW.
    WHOA! She thinks her man is bi-sexual? Honey don’t touch that woman please leave her alone.
    Any man who wants you to play with his rectum is suspect or is it the other way around? Who cares, I know if my man asked me to poke my fingers in his rectum it would be THE END of US.
    Cute girl? Ok so what does that mean? Maybe the butt boyfriend story turned you off physically.
    Why are you wasting your time entertaining someone who has a man, has a man that she believes is bi-sexual, and accepts money from you?
    Her ego bruised because you don’t hit on her; doubt that…
    She’s calling you BB because you won’t flirt…that’s not cool at all. I would pull her to the side; tell her that she needs to “cease and desist” those derogatory comments which are in fact defamation of character punishable in a court of law verses smacking the crap out of her.
    However; you handle her just be very careful this is your workplace. Tell her if she keeps it up you will report her to Human Resources.

    Straight from my Heart, Patrice
    ***Remember to search your own soul for specific answers.
    I sincerely thank everyone for reading my blog and sharing your views on life.
    All of my posts are personal lessons I’ve learned through my “personal” walk and life experiences.
    The purpose of my blog is to encourage others and in no way will I ever advise anyone to do anything because the decision is yours and yours alone.
    I advise this does not mean you make a decision based solely on what is communicated to you via my blog. My responses are based on “What I would do” if I were you based on my personal experiences.
    In the end, the decision in yours and something you will have to live with not me.


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