Stalker Alert…

I can’t believe a stalker is reading my blog! I have been stalked since 2011…this will stop this year I promise! Stop sending me messages via my blog…Cease and Desist all communcation.

There is this clinically insane train wreck individual who is harassing me and digging up my past as if that will damage my future. This crazy person is sending me emails threatening to turn my world upside down. Yep, it’s someone who knows me personally or knows someone that knows me very well.

But when they hacked my account there was far too much information I left never thinking anyone would hack my account. You are hateful and miserable with your LIFE!

Told TW that the truth has to be revealed because of the love we share still. WOW!

You are NOT in control of my destiny God is so go away you little devil helper!
This dummy is reading my blog and texting TW sending him emails and pictures that they got from my email they hacked in 2011.

I am 43 years-old and have slept with more than one man in my lifetime so what?

Whoever it is you will be caught and when you are you will be behind bars with a permanent criminal record. I will press charges to the fullest you better believe that buddy You think you are slick using different IP addresses…smh…don’t worry it’s a matter of time now you are under my radar. Justice will be served so keep it coming dig a big black hole for yourself.

Whatever you have on me is all that you have then you are finished! I don’t care about what I did in my past because that is exactly what it is my PAST.

You are so stupid and pathetic with your bored sick in the head rotten soul.
It’s a good thing at my age I could care less what people think about me…

You are more of an annoyance than anything. Kind of like a gnat in the summer time buzzing around my ear.

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