Do we actually see the reality of everything around us or do we hide behind the idea of what we want our relationship to be?

We go along in life with blinders on and dare someone from the outside looking in to tell us the hard truth.

What do you know? You are just jealous? In some cases you may be right but still take in account what fools say as well.

My favorite quote is “Things are NOT as they seem”. You better believe that too.
There are times our imagination runs away with us and we accuse our partners of doing things they never did.

Then you have instances that your gut tells you “something is just not right”…you can’t put your finger on it but you can feel it in your bones.

Intuition is how we survive but you mustn’t ignore it even when you may be far-fetched.

Keep your eyes open and slowly give your heart away don’t dive in head first. Get to know a person no matter what people say about it taking years to really know someone.

It depends on how open and honest you both are that will allow you to learn about each other.

It’s scary out here and you can’t spend your entire life with your guards up never trusting again. But you can proceed with caution and pay attention to the RED FLAGS!

26 thoughts on “Deception

  1. Hello Patrice how are you? I’m a little shaken up behind your break up. What I saw between you too was REAL. I’m just a friend that admire what you both have. I’ve talk to you thru Facebook over the years and seen all the pictures you post of you and him together. Those pictures spoke a millions words to me and everyone else that came across them. I’m not going to tell you to leave him or get back with him. But what I will tell you is absence does make the heart grow fonder. I remember how you use to say my baby clean the snow off my car and made sure it was warm when I got in it. How he open your car door ect. Because of that statement I had to stepped my game up I can go on an on about all the good that out weights the bad. If he has a problem as a fan and friend from a distance help him get on track. I know that man would give his life to save yours. I’m pretty sure this break helping you but tearing him apart. My grandmother always said sleepy if there is a will god will help you find a way. I love you and him may god bless this relationship and help inspire more couple to be in love like you too. There are a lot of men that have been praying and waiting for this day but god has told you to close out the chapter so I’m waiting on that special moment to appear like the rest of your blog fans.


      • Wow did I caught you off guard with that comment? I’m just a fan that really admire what you too had. I will be honest with you I learn how to treat a woman through the comments you posted about how he treated and spoil you. Because of you too I’m a better man than what my father showed me I just want to say thank from the bottom of my heart. I want say his name but god bless you and Mr T you both showed me how to treat a woman thru your Facebook page.


      • Ron,
        Yes you did! Thank you for not be envious like most were…It’s a good and bad thing that it took little old me to post on my page to show you the light but happy it helped you become a better man. Thank you for respecting his privacy…


    • This is what I call a life changing experience. Patrice did you take your time and read and absorb this message that Ron sent to you? You and TW help a complete stranger turn from a boy to a man you both raised a man. Do you know how hard it is to do that? sis you have a real true following I’m not sure if he reads your blog but you need to let him read this message. im lost for words i dont know what to say. You need to post that message on facebook this man poured his heart out to you and you man


    • What a POWERFUL message. Ron welcome to the the prestige club of REAL MEN its only a few of us out here. This is a high honor your friends may clown you and laugh but remember they are boys you are now a REAL MAN hofeully one day they can reach the same level as you.


    • I don’t know the answers to everything when it comes to life and neither do you so it’s important to step back and stop thinking you know every darn thing.
      You should ask yourself why you become very passionate about negative topics and become quiet as a church mouse when it’s time to discuss positive topics…
      When a person is always looking for the opportunity to condemn or wish bad karma on someone it only shows you are a miserable soul.
      Whatever choices a person makes in life is something they have to deal with not you.
      So why not respect their choice if you can’t give positive feedback?
      Whatever I decided to do was my choice and it’s that simple.
      I am happy and that’s all that matters.
      I think it’s a sickness when a person takes one phrase off Facebook and blows it up.
      My lady friend and I were having a conversation and she’s now married…she’s the one I quoted and thought her statement was so profound that I shared it in my page.


  2. I’m not sure if he reads your blog but Mr TW I just want to say thank you for showing me how to treat a woman. You and Patrice have be a major fixture in my life. I know you will find away to bring her back in your life.


      • Ok I hope he does. Yes your post helped me a lot. Because if you didn’t post what he did I would be the same lame no good guy like the other 95% of the world. I’m would never be envious towards you. I saw that post two months ago it took me this long to respond because I was so in shock. I really was thinking it was a bad dream.


  3. Hello Patrice how are? It’s great to see that your single because I met you before on the metro and you said if you was single you would date me. So now I’m asking can I take you out?


  4. Why my co worker just found out her husband sent another woman gifts and didn’t get her anything. What’s crazy is he used her card. Come to find out he’s moving in with her today and leaving his wife. What is going on in the world today?


  5. Patrice girl I have to vent right now. February 14,2014 will go down as being the worst day of my life. I agree with you in some ways but now I have a change of heart. I dated this man for three years. Yesterday I got flowers sent to my job as a woman we love that. I left work early to go home to set up our place so I can do something special for him. I ran him some bath water cooked dinner had some candles burning and had on something sexy for him. I called him he didn’t pick up red flag. About thirty minutes later I called again he said I’ll be there soon on my way. Soon as I hung up my best friend called and said girl you need to come down to Ruth Chris I said not now I have something plan for Charles. She said get here now it’s and emergency so I ran out the house. I pull up to Ruth Chris I called her she said girl what you are about to see will destroy and mess Your whole year up. She walk me in and there is Charles my man the man I want to marry the man I cooked clean and loved with my heart sitting eating dinner at with another woman. There at the table she has roses teddy bear candy the whole nine yards and all I have is half dozen of flowers. I walk over and said hi I’m Charles girlfriend she respond and said hello I’m Charles fiancé and she showed me this ring that he gave her and had just proposed to her. I was so mad I threw whatever I could at him my girlfriend and her man had to pull me out of that place if not I would of been going to jail. Patrice this man hide this woman so well from me he came home every night sometimes before I get in. He never hanged out or anything I have no idea how he had time to cheat on. The only time would be while he’s at work. I’m am 44 years old you would think a older guy would leave these childish games alone. I so pissed and hurt I haven’t been to sleep since Thursday night. Girl I agreed with you on that two or three years we getting married or I’m out. I have a change of heart I think we as women might need more time. What did I do wrong? I keep my body nice people always think I’m in my late twenties or early thirties what’s wrong with me? It’s seems this is a repeat of my life cycle this always happens to me. I really need help? I will say the same way you treated your man for those five years I did it for three years please point out my mistakes. Yes we were getting married and he has been paying on my ring. You are in my age bracket please tell me the red flags I missed. My dad always told that a good man will always come up with creative ways to show his love besides flowers candy and vacation. My dad always asked did he give you memories that will make you smile and will leave a strong memory that will bring tears to your eyes and make you feel warm. He said flowers die after they die we throw them away all we have is a memory. He always ask what did he give you that you can look at that means a lot to you. Something that get you fuzze inside.
    I never understood what he meant until lastnight. My girlfriend showed me a gift her man got for under twenty dollars that made my heart melt. Patrice where are these guys at why can we find any? I’m so rude good morning how are you? Did you get anything special for valentines? Hope your day was better than mines.


    • Hello Christina,

      The way things were revealed to you by your friend seems ironic.

      She just happened to be in the same place as your man and catch him with another woman? That’s amazing and as I can see it really can happen.

      Honestly, no matter how much it hurts it’s a good thing you found out…it may not be the best way to find out knowing is better than continuing to be in the dark.
      From what you have written you didn’t do anything wrong. Just be happy you know what the real deal is and can move on with your life.
      You mentioned that you need more time? Well, looks like he may have been married to another woman if you gave him more time.

      Straight from the Heart, Patrice


  6. Taken a break in a relationship and dating another man or woman is still deception. The break is to make sure you want to be with the person or not. Until you tell him or her it’s over your committing a form of deception.


    • I am so happy that I could care less about what others think about me. I am not afraid to live my life for “Patrice” I don’t have to tell anyone anything I don’t wish to share…where is that written? You are nobody eles has control over my thoughts, actions or choices…that is between me and a higher power. I will never be offended or upset over commnets such as this and your previous one I responded to because it’s rather amusing to see how controling and narrow-minded folks are.
      Based on a quote that was spoken by a married woman I know you have placed me with another man? That is hilariouis!


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