Random Thoughts 2/11/14

• Start your day off knowing that you are a perfect imperfect being that will always be work in progress. A perfect person does not exist.

• It sickens me when people try to poke holes in someone’s character when in fact they need to concentrate on “self”.

• Just because you have a group of idiots cheering you on does not mean you are right…it’s just a bunch of idiots rooting for you to become more of an idiot.

• A person that thinks they are smarter than everyone else has not learned enough to know that gaining knowledge starts from the womb and ends at the tomb.

• What most people need to understand is that when you speak badly about someone whether directly or indirectly you appear to be much worse than the person you are speaking badly about.

• It’s even worse when people try to force their beliefs on others when everyone has a right to feel a certain way about life. However; neither your views nor theirs is incorrect since you can’t tell someone how to feel.

• Stop assuming things when you have no idea what the heck you are talking about.

• Sometimes silence is golden; Listen more and speak less.

• The person who tells you how imperfect you are because they believe they are perfect or more perfect than you are is sick in the head. Tell them to go look in the mirror first…You answer to a higher power.

• If you aren’t well versed on any topic it would be wise to keep quiet.

• Don’t let your past dictate your future or make you a bitter person.

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