Take a Seat Please…While I figure “MY LIFE OUT.”

Allow me to be who I am. If I am confused and indecisive so what…I am human…
It’s better to be uncertain than dive head first. I have no problems taking advice from others that have substance. I am smart enough to know the difference between good and bad advice.

When I am told something that I may not agree with the truth is something that can’t’ be denied.

If you don’t have anything positive to post keep your NARCISSISTIC comments to yourself. Being confused is a state of deep thought that has you torn between what you should do and what you want to do. It’s totally fine to be confused when you have to make life altering choices.

If you have the ability to finally make a decision that is what really matters in the end.
Don’t worry about what others say…trust me their life is far worse than yours in most cases.

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