When a person is ANGRY and tries everything in their power to cause you harm.
Remember…Behind all the hate and anger is a mountain of hurt.

Even if you are directly connected to the pain they are feeling; once you ask for their forgiveness you have done your job. If they can’t accept your apology then they have to answer to a higher power.

Most of the time you may not have anything to do with their hurt but for some reason they target you because they are not mature enough to deal with the “SOURCE” of their anger.

This is not to excuse their behavior; I am asking you to just understand that they have some serious issues. It’s even worse when the anger is over some man/woman that does not want anything else to do with them…but because they are with you it’s a thorn in their backside. Some folks don’t know how to let go!

The battle is not with you it’s within them…
Don’t feed the fire just pray for them and leave it alone.
Do not allow them to suck your happy spirit dry!

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