Whisper your deepest secrets to heaven…

I wonder what makes a person think about how to harm you 24/7. Sometimes your secrets should be whispered to the heavens…not told to a false friend.
Seekers and destroyers spend nearly 85% of their day with you on their mind. I truly believe that hate is admiration turned inside out.
The scary part is people will befriend you just to get close enough to learn your deepest secrets to ultimately use what you’ve told them against you later. A person that takes your secrets to the grave no matter if you are on good terms or not is person with integrity.
When you trust someone enough to share you secrets with; the secrets that caused you pain in the past for them to later throw it in your face stings your soul.
It’s like pouring rubbing alcohol in a fresh wound. Be careful who you share your bedroom secrets with…The next thing you know they will end up in the bed with your man/woman which means they weren’t for you anyway.
Anyone who is relentless at trying to make your life miserable really has a rotten soul…The funny thing about it all is that no matter what they do in time it won’t matter anyway.
We live and we learn…just make sure you actually LEARN from your mistakes. Trusting is something that is hard to do once you have been burned a few times; but we must never let it make us not ever trust anyone again. Just be more selective on what you share with others.
Whisper your deepest secrets to heaven it’s safer that way 🙂

10 thoughts on “Whisper your deepest secrets to heaven…

  1. Today at 1:17 PM

    Good morning Patrice how are you? I just want to bring something’s to your attention that you may not realize. You have a huge following on your blog. You made a post about Take a seat please while I figure my life out. That offended a lot of people. You posted a comment about five years no ring we all gave our views some were good and some were bad but it was our opinion. I can understand you got upset that’s ok because as humans we all do. But you told someone who was only stating what you said about TW that they should date him since he’s such a good man. She was only going by what you said. You offend a lot of people when you said take a sit. To be honest your right it is your life but you put your relationship on blast so we commented. I’m a man and he’s just like me if you want to know how much pain he’s in listen to john legend song call (ALL OF ME) from his comment we saw his heart that’s why we said we think you should make it work. Please don’t take this the wrong way I’m just letting you know you hurt some of your bloggers feelings. If the comments make you upset don’t let your fans see if because they are only showing you support 🙂


    • Dame,
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention…I really appreciate it very much. You are right that was out of pocket.
      I realize that I put my life on BLAST that was my choice and I am totally cool with it but thanks for the reminder 🙂
      I am allowed to be human on my blog as well…I didn’t curse anyone out…
      You see, it’s easy for folks to tell you to STAY when they don’t have to sleep in the same bed with that person or live under the same roof to experince life with them. I felt brow beat to be honest…I also learned that women will accept anything just to say they have a man no matter what and of course the men would support that behavior…Dame you combed through 160 posts and the one post that you found negative got airplay…
      Ok you win…I was wrong and apologize to the young lady who I offended and everyone else.


      • I meant send this last week when some of your blog followers were online talking about it. I didn’t pick out one bad thing they did as a friend I just wanted to bring this to your attention because is was a little harsh. You painted the picture of him being a great guy I was always told tell the whole story or don’t tell it at all. I understand the mistake we all make them we are Human but you know some people act as if there perfect and we are not. The only one that is PREFECT is you don’t get mad at me TW said it 😉 don’t shoot me I’m the messenger. The young lady you made that comment is the girlfriend of Shawn the young man you and TW help become a man. So you can see how that hurt her and your blogger followers. Put yourself in our shoes.


      • “If you think he is so perfect date him yourself”
        I had no idea who she was now I do….I meant what I said and did not mean to hurt anyone…hey the only way you know the real deal you must experience it first hand, right? I know there I go again!! See how imperfect I am??
        I just wish she would have come to me directly and expressed how she felt about my comment. I have no problem admitting I was wrong or apologizing…
        I told the story whether it’s the whole story or not I had to decide what needed to be shared respecting TW’s privacy to the best of my abilities.
        I will NEVER tell the entire story nor will I EVER say anything negative about him.
        It’s a FACT that sometimes no matter how GREAT the guy is you must move on sometimes.
        That’s who I am…I try really hard to not say mean things about people…that put my followers at a disadvantage but it was for TW.
        There are some things that are not meant to share with the world.


  2. I met a brother yesterday while at this class. I could look in his eyes and tell he’s hurt and holding a lot of pain inside. We got to talking and we started talking about relationships. He told me how he was with a woman and he gave her 100% of him. He admit his wrongs with lies among other things. But he told me something that I had to agree with him on. Ladies why when your with a new man you bring old pictures from your pass into your new relationship? That is disrespectful. You are suppose to be building a future not a past. The past is the pass why are you holding on? This guy found pictures of this ladies ex boyfriend and stuff in there home. How would you like it if he has pictures of his ex? Than she lied and told him one of the male friends she introduce him to was just a friend. As he hung around that guy come to find he had sex with his lady. It may have been before him which is fine but why couldn’t you be woman enough to tell him the truth. At lease he could made his own choice to be around him or not. I could never be friends with a guy my woman had sex with. Ladies before you get upset and point out all the wrongs look at the wrongs you had done. Before you put him on blast take a look at yourself. She came in the relationship wrong bring her past into her future that’s setting the relationship up for failure. Two wrongs don’t make it right but wrongs can work on making it right. Has anyone been thru this? If so what was the outcome and how did you handle it? I want to give him so good sound advice.


    • Good Morning Mark,

      I must say you are a very caring person to notice when someone else is hurt an actually care.

      What exactly is 100% when you aren’t married? I am sorely confused about that.
      Although admitting to lies is honorable to many; you still lied. You can forgive a person but that does not mean you have to stay with them.

      If a person admits he killed a person that still does not mean the judge will set them free.
      Some lies DAMAGE relationships beyond repair and that is reality.

      As for the pictures, she has a past like we all do. Those pictures are closed chapters and memories from her past. It’s a picture that’s it the man in those pictures will never cross the threshold of their home. People worry about the WRONG things. That man is asking her to forget her pass and burn the pictures which is totally unacceptable. “He found” oh yes he was digging…I have pictures of my ex’s and a very dear friend that died whom I loved very much that will never be destroyed or removed from my home.

      If she places them in a discreet place and he chose to dig them out shame on him!
      I have pictures of my ex’s and they will remain in my possession. Any man that has an issue with it can keep it moving.

      If a person is asking you to erase your past they are not for you. If she had a photo album out for all to see that visits the home then I could see an issue.

      I am currently still friends with men that I was once intimate with and so what. We both were single and decided to do the wild thing. Sometimes you are better off as platonic friends and getting the sex part out of the way erases tension when you both are actually attracted to one another.

      Once you realize that you will never work on a committed level you remove the sex and remain friends if the person has a good heart.

      If she had sex with a guy that she is now friends with and this was years before she met her current man who cares but him!

      It’s all about control that woman can be friends with who she wants to be friends with. I am certain she would have never introduced the two is they were still having sex.

      Better to know then her going behind his back visiting her male friend.

      When a woman introduces her man to a male friend whether she had sex with him or not she is seeking his approval as man and her friend. It’s not about telling him the truth when it’s none of his business who she slept with in the past anyway…its’ all about control…Life is too short. When you find good people to be around you keep them.

      Thank you Mark for your post you totally ROCK!!


      • Yes i said 100% of me we are engage she want to take this year and next year tax return and have a big wedding. I agree with you on some degree but how do you think he felt when the guy told him that I had sex with his girl in the past? All im saying she should have told him if she saw they were getting close as friends. If it was me i would told my lady look i had sex with her we are just friends im just letting you know since we still talk to each other as FRIENDS that would show him how much she respect him. We dont need to know who you slept with but if you introduce your current man to you ex you use to sleep with and you see they are becoming friends dont you think its only fair to tell him? Did your ex and your current man hit if off as friends? If so did you tell him about your past? If not you might want to because men talk and he will find out. I look at it as a RESPECT thing.


      • Mark,

        We? I thought this was a young man you were speaking about.
        What really matters is if she’s having sex with him currently…

        Obviously, she has some unsavory folks she believes are her friends. Why would another man without reason tell the man she is currently involved with that he had sex with her? That’s crazy!

        That is NOT her friend he’s trying to ruin what she has that’s for sure. I would have cut him off ASAP! She has nothing to do with them getting “close”…doesn’t he have his own set of friends?

        Her friends do NOT have to be his friends. People always set their personalized standards on what someone should say and do. That is hilarious because what they fail to understand is that the other people are not them. Stop expecting people to behave or do things as if they were actually you.

        Isn’t it better for her to visit her friend with her current man than to see him alone?
        You can’t win and nothing you do is the right thing when you have folks placing unreasonable demands.

        I don’t owe my boyfriend any explanation and find it offensive that he would ask me if I ever had sex with any of my male friends. How do you expect to have a future if you are caught up on the past? I have no tolerance for that type of nonsense.

        He has to trust her or just keep it moving….Don’t nobody have time for that immature junk.

        The past is he PAST let it stay there.

        I look at is as a CONTROL thing.


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