Rent to Buy?

If you have no desire to get married this does not apply to you:

When you have a mortgage and miss a few payments your house goes into foreclosure.
When you miss a few car notes they repossess the car.
When you have a boyfriend that refuses to marry you after several years “You leave”
The banks will not give you years to decide to pay why should you give someone years of your life to decide if you are good enough to be their wife.
You can only test drive a car for so long…IJS!

4 thoughts on “Rent to Buy?

  1. Hello Patrice how are you? What’s your view on trust in a relationship? I dated this guy and his phone would never ring he kept it on silent. I knew he was being sneaky and hiding something from me. I ended it. So I met this guy he kept his phone on it would go off all time of the night. Would you exchange phone with your man for a week no password or locks on the phone he can answer your call and text message along with your emails? A lot of couple would say we have to have privacy but I feel if we are a couple we should be able to exchange phone on any given day. I agree our phone should have a pass word but you should know mines and I should know yours. Ask your man for his phone if he says why or no he’s hiding something from you. It’s not just about men some women would say no. I’m a older woman no time for games so I can’t waste my time and that’s my way saving me time on a waste relationship. I know married couples that are scared to do this. I always say if your loyal this should not be a problem. Would you exchange phones with your man for a week?


    • Great Question!!!
      Hello Regina…all is well thanks for asking! I hope all is well with you too…

      I think that we have our phones and emails for our personal use and that is it minus work email.

      To answer your question, no, I would not trade my phone or allow access to either because in any relationship you should have boundaries.

      If he asked, I would want to know why and would gladly hand it over for a week…but after that we would not be together…especially if he is just a man I am having sex with and not my husband!

      First, before anything you must have TRUST. Regina, both women and men are going to do what they want to do no matter what. What if there is a second cell phone/number and email?

      If you have to play detective in a relationship it’s over before it begins and besides who has time for that? I don’t…

      The truth always comes to light one way or another!! When and if you find out they cheated or were about to cheat then you drop them like a hot potato no discussion needed.

      Just never accuse anyone always have solid proof. If I am not enough for you then go about your business…that’s my motto…


      • Hello Patrice & Regina how are you both doing today. Regina if couple were to exchange phone for a day 90% of them would be single. I have exchange phone for a day even a week and I wasn’t the one doing the wrong. A lot of men and women don’t check the guy or female that’s sending them texts that is disrespectful while your in a relationship. If you want to know if he or she is a good woman and is 100% loyal exchange phones. I see it like this in a relationship it’s suppose to be 100% so if we exchange phone for a day that’s part of having trust and loyal. Patrice ask your man for his code to his phone or let you keep it for the day and see what he says. Tell me what was his response.


      • Dame I don’t agree with you totally…it depends on who you are dealing with. If you deal with trash that is what you will get. I don’t have one disrespectful text in my phone.
        I would never ask my man to keep his phone for a day…the only purpose it serves is me telling him that I don’t trust him.
        All of my male friends respect my situation…If he did keep my phone he would day to himself “damn,she really isn’t doing anything” because I am not. If a guy steps out of line trust me they are put in their place ASAP!
        Dame exchanging phone is the exact opposite of what you believe.
        I respect your opinion and if I have to go through those measures we should not be together period.
        The truth always comes to light.


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