When we have concerns about things in life that seem to follow us everywhere we go that is a sign that you must start to look within.

We always want to point fingers and pass the blame on “external” factors never focusing on the “internal”factors that are the result of an unhappy lonely life.

Regardless of what you may believe; you do not know everything or all the answers to life itself.

You must be open and receptive to learn and understand more than one side of any situation. While having a discussion with someone and you constantly hear yourself saying “Well, no it’s not just that” “No, you don’t understand what I am saying” you are showing the other person that you have all the answers so why bother speaking to them?

You are also saying that they are not capable of comprehending what you told them which is an outright insult. You want other’s input but when you are given it you reject it.

Learn to listen more even when a person makes no sense to you at all…If you listen long enough you will begin to “understand” even when you do not “accept” what they are communicating to you.

Never reject what is being communicated to you without at the very least processing what you are hearing. The person you think is less intelligent than you are can teach you few things as well.

10 thoughts on “Listen

  1. It always seems a lot of ladies are always getting burn by there friends. People please remember this. It is better to have a enemy who honestly say they hate you to have a friend who is talking about you behind your back and putting you down secretly. My lady just learn this the hard way. I’m a guy I don’t trust men so my lady is the only person I can trust. Ladies your man is the only guy that you can trust.


    • Hello sis it’s been a While how are you? Hope you and him are working thru these troubling times. How’s the blog coming along? Dame your are so right I live by this never put too much trust in friends,learn how to use enemies. Always say less than necessary. Win through your actions never through argument.


  2. Dame you are so right. I have one female bestfriend my ex is still my best which I think I’m going work it out with him. Patrice you have made me realize a lot thru your blog. He may have told lies to me but I was happy with him once so I can’t see why I can’t make it work and be happy again. He the only man that cared and treated me like a queen. Plus he treated me better than any other man I’ve ever been with. Thanks Patrice you have helped me realize a lot. Now I see sometimes when your not happy in a relationship a break can do both people some good and you both can realize where you went wrong and how to fix the problem. I cause some of the problems.


    • Regina I’m so glad to hear that. Relationship get stressful and they can make you unhappy. When your unhappy best thing to do is take a break that break will help you both realize your mistakes. Before I got married I took a break from my wife and that break help our sex life and relationship become stronger. I’m all for a break when two people are in love and never had any major problems in a relationship. Keep us posted.


  3. So very true Patrice!!! We have to be receptive to learn. I find that if more than one person is telling you the same thing or giving you the same advice, more than likely its time to take a look in the mirror. The Word of God says: 19 So then,a my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;(James 1:19) …. so don’t be so quick to be defensive, take the time and hear that person out, and before you respond with harsh words, take a deep breath and think about what has been said.


  4. Good morning Patrice how are you? I just had to share this moment you and your blogger friends. So today I went running with my ex the same guy I’m trying to rebuild our past. I was tired so I started to slow down. So he put his arms around my waist and was pushing me with his strength and power which in a way it felt good. So when we finish working out I asked was I slowing you up while we were running he said no. I asked what made you put your arms around me and push me he said. I’m your man it’s my Job to encourage you and support you in whatever you want to do. When we exercise together I will push and motivate you when your tired I will use my energy and strength to get you thru. That showed me that he has my back and no matter what happen of we work together we can over come anything. It’s the little things that make my heart melt. I just wanted to share that inspiration with everyone this morning. Ladies the weather is changing go workout with your man or make him workout. It’s healther for the both of you. Has anyone else experience this?


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