Why Me?

A woman that works in my bank started to tell me her life story starting from when she lost her husband. I was in a hurry to get back to work and she kept asking me how much time did I have and I responded telling her not much since my stomach is growling.

I complimented her jewelry that was 22K and she showed me her ring that had her husband’s name on it. Somehow she began to tell me how he passed away and about her two adult girls.

Tears started to form in her eyes and I knew at that point she needed someone to just “listen”. I asked God quietly “Why are you using me?” It was obvious she was having “one of those days”. It took everything in me to not cry.

She was a very nice lady whose heart was broken when her husband passed away leaving her with the two children to rear alone. She also shared with me how her husband’s death devastated her two girls.

It’s been 10 years and the pain is still fresh. My heart went out to her…I told her that she was doing an awesome job with her kids who are now in GW one studying to be a doctor the other a Lawyer.

I allowed her to speak freely and my hunger disappeared since she was now my priority.

Once she finished she thanked me for listening and I thanked her for sharing her sad but beautiful story.

She opened her arms and we gave each other the biggest hug while I whipered in her ear “He is with you in spirit.

We were strangers who were brought together for a purpose.

8 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. I church has a 8am 10am 12am 6pm service. My friend says she can’t attend church please explain this to me. She sometimes works 4-12 or 8-4 and is off every other weekend. Is she being lazy or do we put too much focus on church. I understand god knows were your heart is but what about giving your tithes and offering does that matter? How can I break it down to her with offending her. She always say I work two jobs girl. But she hangout late at night but can’t get to church.


  2. What a Blessing!!! Sometimes people just want to vent and get some things out. You might find out some things you really didn’t want to know, but it helps you to recognize how Blessed you are, and that you never know what some people may be going through. It also lets you know to be praying for your coworkers.


  3. Sometimes an ear is all a grieving person needs, and it may not be a shoulder to cry on from a family member or close friend, but an angel that God sends is the best ear that a person needs, at that moment you were a God send for this woman who doesn’t really know you to be comforted by your presence, bless you Angel!!


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