Perfect Patty

You know you are doing something right when mentally sick people feel the need to attack you in a public forum. There are fake accounts out there with my pictures from folks pretending to be me! All I can do is PRAY!

I have no idea why so many people believe that I think I am “perfect” so they feel the need to “expose” me. I am far from perfect but I do know what it takes to be happy and that is what they hate the most.

You really need to find a hobby instead of focusing on finding dirt on folks that don’t give a darn about you.

There are some sick individuals out here. They have found my blog and comment on my blog leaving ignorant messages that annoy the heck out of me for about 10 seconds…

Thank God I would never stoop that low and waste my time harassing someone; going to sleep and waking up with them on my mind.

“I am going to expose you” WOW! You really have some serious issues. You don’t realize that you are the devil’s right hand man.

Patrice has to be one interesting woman for you to spend so much time and energy on her. TW does not need your help with anything so beat it. Besides what are you trying to prove other than you are a loser!

Please just go away find something to do with yourself that is positive!

8 thoughts on “Perfect Patty

  1. Patrice don’t even entertain these losers. They just made because you and TW shared something special and he has your heart and you have his. You and him both need to block these negative humans and keep them away.


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