Yes I Can!

Why do some folks believe that you must have a perfect life or relationship to be an advisor? In fact, who has a perfect life or relationship? DUH?

I’ve never had a perfect relationship and don’t believe it’s possible. I’ve done my share of dirt and that’s totally acceptable since I am HUMAN!

I would rather take advice from someone who has actually experienced any situation then someone who gives textbook advice.

I never said my life was perfect nor do I have a perfect relationship but I learn from my mistakes!

The best advice comes from those who have been through the fire and survived.

I am no longer in a situation that is unhealthy therefore; I am able to speak on it.

Most of the time we know what should be done but we need to hear or read it; for some odd reason confirmation is needed.

This blog was also created for those who need a different outlook.
We want to discuss our issues with friends and family however that seems to make matters worse. Thanks to my followers who assist me in a positive way xoxoxo replying to questions on my blog.

You can remain anonymous on this site without others knowing what’s going on in your household.
People are evil and have ill intentions so be careful who you share your life with.

You’ll never know how miserable and envious a person is until you let your guards down and let them into your world.

Evil unhappy folks spend their day plotting on how to make you look bad so don’t give them ammunition.

Been there done that!
So, Yes I Can give advice!!!

Have a great day!
Thanks for reading my blog…
Straight from My Heart Patrice

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