Dear Stalkers…

To my beloved Followers who are positive, encouraging and sweet to me…please forgive the following statement…this is not directed towards you but the people who have been stalking and harassing me via cyberspace know exactly who they are! This has been going on since 2010…This will be my last response all future communication will go to spam and will be filed for later use if needed in a court of law.

Dear Stalkers,
I retract the comments that were posted because I actually feel sorry for you. You are a person that needs help. I will continue to pray that you find peace.
People who are bitter and confused often behave out of character but it’s actually who they are.

Miserable people tend to have a twisted distorted beyond repair outlook on life torn between what is right and what is wrong.
They strongly believe their actions are right when it’s clearly without a doubt wrong in so many ways. If your actions hurt someone how can that be right? We all are human and will make mistakes but when those actions are intentional it’s not a mistake. You mentioned you don’t care about me or TW then go away and crawl under your rock!

When you sit back and ponder plotting on how you can destroy someone’s life or at least try you have some serious problems. All the energy you put into bad mouthing me doesn’t hurt one bit because I have so much more good in my life that you become a little black spot that is wiped away mentally. Lies and truths mixed; really doesn’t matter. BTW~ you would be surprised who would put up with me and you better believe it takes a REAL MAN to do that not a PUNK.

You say you know where I work and that is supposed to scare me? You say you know where he works and if you go to his job he should put his foot so far up your arse that you should see his foot come out your mouth. The one thing you don’t do is bring drama to anyone’s job. The police have been notified and my case was assigned a detective that is not exactly on the job so I have to leave it to God to handle.

Besides, the vengeance that comes from the Lord is far better than any law or I could ever bring upon man. You can’t judge me for my actions idiot you are not GOD so take a seat and chill. Relax your deceitful angry soul. Easy huh? LOL Anthing that I do is because I want to…LOL Regrets? Indeed!

Once you finish dragging my name through the mud what else will you have? In time, all that you have done and said will be forgotten along with you. You hide behind a computer screen creating bogus email addresses with names that clearly show you are clinically insane. You threaten me every week commenting on my blog; contacting TW via phone and emailing…who has time for that crazy mess?…why drag it out do what you feel you need to do and leave me the hell alone!

You don’t matter to me and its obvious nobody loves you based on you devious behavior but God.
Why do YOU believe it is better to inform others about something that happened in the past when it is far better to just leave it there? Why fabricate stories or stretch the truth so that you sting a person’s soul? I am good and won’t be the one hurt behind your insanity. I love me and who I have become.
Are you happy now that you were given far too much attention than you deserve? Have a nice life crazy person…

9 thoughts on “Dear Stalkers…

  1. Hello Patrice how are you? Stalkers,haters if you show up to his job I hope he fucks you up than call the police this is childish. Here is some information for you if a man truly loves a woman if she ever cheated on him he will forgive her and take her back. If you have ever read Patrice blog and the comments you will see this man truly loves her and cherish everything about her. No matter what you say or do he will still make her is wife. Like she said it takes a REAL MAN to put up with her and Mr TW had her for five years so you already know what type of man he is. I don’t know either of them but I truly think you and your friends are barking up the wrong tree. Word to the wise let them be. Just be happy for her when and if they get married god doesn’t like ugly so please stop the hate. Let them continue to build and focus.


  2. It is sad that people want to talk about someone they don’t even know. Sometimes taken the high rode and ignoring foolishness isn’t what people want they won’t be satisfied until mfer snatch that azz up. Just like she has a computer so do we. And it’s unfortunate that her simple azz brain doesn’t realize that not only do we know the police but also the FBI yeah. If you like your freedom you should cease all contact with my friend. Stop with the threats go sit yo stank azz down somewhere and raise yo damn child. I would truly hate for child protective service to find out how that you are mentally unstable because TW has moved on with his freaking life. I can’t stand baby momma drama. Let go! If he wanted yo stank azz he would be with you. I promise promise promise you that if you don’t leave Patrice alone you will start to regret breathing everyday because even that will hurt. Get ya self a life.. Please take this advice I won’t write again.


  3. Hello Patrice how are you? This is for all the flings stalkers I’m a good friend of Tim and I want to tell this guy or guys that claim they know where he works at. I’m telling you now the last thing you want to do is come see him at work he’s a good quiet guy but if you cross him the wrong way like you plan on doing he will blackout on your ass and you will wake up in the hospital. I seen it first hand and it’s hard to get that strong nigga off you. My advice don’t do it if you value your life. Please leave Patrice alone because he will kill someone over her. Enjoy your Sunday.


  4. Your haters and stalkers are coming out because you and him are a powerful couple and they hate what they can’t have. My advice work on your relationship behind close doors they are just adding hate and fuel hoping your relationship can burn and there is no coming back. I will say me and my husband lasted this long because of god and keeping other people out our relationship.


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