Can I Have Your Number?

Telling a person who is on a mission to get in your pants that you are taken is like jumping in front of a bull with red on.

I am not judging anyone because my closet has more than enough skeletons but that’s over and done with. Patrice is a better person as a result of doing some rather unsavory things in my life.

Thank goodness my conscience is alive and well to eat away at my very own happiness even when thinking of doing someone wrong.

It appears that the majority have no respect for your relationship if you don’t…makes sense?

If you entertain advances whether you are a man or woman from another person and you know damn well that you have someone that loves you to pieces shows you have no respect for your relationship. (Run on sentence?)
I write exactly how I speak it’s a curse!

Why should anyone else care about whoever you are with especially if you never mention that you are involved?

Most thirsty folks could care less if you are involved with someone else they just want to be sexually satisfied. It’s all about getting their rocks off and nothing else matters.

Once you introduce outsiders into your relationship you are setting yourself up for DRAMA!

You might as well go into your relationship telling your partner that it’s an open relationship. They have two choices deal with it or leave.

But of course most of us are selfish and want a main squeeze and a side piece or two. Gee whiz! Oh well that’s life and it can get ugly at times.

Having a choice is better than being in the dark. Let folks know what they are dealing with so their heart is not totally given to you.

No matter the situation feelings develop even when we try to fight those emotions with all our might we fall. We fall hard too!

Now what?

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