Why Are You Searching for Stuff?

If you are in a relationship and you find that you are always searching for things to catch your mate cheating you need to reevaluate the situation.

You have reached an all-time low if you are searching his/her cell phone or reading their emails.
If you suspect them of cheating just ask! More than likely they won’t tell you the truth and that’s totally ok because the truth always comes to light; maybe not as fast as we would like it to be revealed.

People are going to do what they want to do whether you like it or not. You have two choices; that is…deal with it or LEAVE! No need in making a fuss or acting like a private detective. If there is no trust you have absolutely nothing to move forward with. Respecting someone’s privacy is a hard thing to do when you feel you have the right to know everything they are doing and who they are doing it with.

You DO NOT own them so back off buddy. Allow them to have a separate life and trust that they will set boundaries that will not allow you to be hurt or disrespected. I know it’s difficult to trust when you have been lied to and betrayed several times in your life. Until someone proves otherwise you must trust them!

Seek and you shall find just remember you are the one that went looking for stuff! Two wrongs don’t make a right…maybe you did catch them but you did not respect their privacy by searching through their things. Bascially you found what you were looking for; so now what are you going to do?

The Truth Stings Like Hell…

I always used to tell myself that the truth will set me free.
When I think about all the truths that were either told or revealed to me it makes me wonder if those truths really set me free. In fact, some of those truths made me feel like I was trapped in misery that seemed to take forever to overcome. Prayer helped me find the happiness that was once lost.

I’ve learned to never allow anything or anyone to steal my joy or to break my spirit when I realized I have power over my LIFE.
Words can truly hurt worse than a punch in the face since the sting or pain will pass in a very short time. The truth mixed with hurtful words can leave a wound in your heart and sometimes your soul; so deep that you may never recover.

No matter how much it hurts; give me the truth full throttle don’t hold back! I will respect a person that tells the truth over a person that pretends to love me in a bed of lies.
Some truths took the air out of my lungs and I began to feel dizzy wondering how in the world did I not see this coming? Dummy me; Blindsided by false loves before my real love came with the reality of a loving relationship that was ruined by my own doing.

Your past can ruin your future if you are not careful. We all must accept what happened in our past and move on knowing it was a lesson to be learned. Letting go of our past seems almost impossible since we have built a wall of protection with bits and pieces of our “hurtful” past being the foundation.

If we can only learn to turn the negatives into positives! Life is a journey that will not always be filled with sunshine. The old saying still holds true “Only the Strong will Survive” the weak will fall by the waste side allowing their past to destroy their future happiness.

They always say that over time the pain will heal but it seems to always become a permanent imprint on our life in some sort of way. It’s hard to forget that hurt even though you may not feel the pain anymore you can taste it right on the tip of your tongue. Allow that pain to become your strength…

Straight from my Heart, Patrice 🙂

Doing too Much?

Can you want something so much that the universe makes sure you never receive it?

It’s not exactly what we want that takes precedence it is what we need that is far more beneficial to our overall well-being. We always want what we can’t have or what’s not good for us. I am a firm believer that you should not have to work hard to make a relationship work.

Either it works or it doesn’t… there isn’t any in-between. When you have one person pulling in a different direction while you relentlessly try to pull them back towards you; it becomes mentally exhausting.

Love should come effortlessly. This is my humble opinion.