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I want to take a moment to thank you all for your support. Your comments and taking time out of your busy day to read my blog does not go unnoticed. It actually warms my soul to know you are interested in what Patrice thinks. Thank you…Ok! I have questions for you…please respond your thoughts matter to me.

I am still trying to figure out something that I already know. Well, at least I think I know the answer and could be totally wrong.

(Question #1) Is it possible to have problem-free relationship? Of course, most would say “Every relationship has problems!” Then you will have some that will say, “It depends on the couple and how they relate”.

There are actually couples who NEVER argue! (Question #2) What exactly are tolerable issues and what aren’t?

Followers I really would like to hear from you.


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  1. Question #1) Is it possible to have problem-free relationship? Some would yes, but I have to say it’s impossible to have a problem free relationship. My parents will be married for 42 years in June…I know there was some problems, but they have and is still making it work.

    Question #2) What exactly are tolerable issues and what aren’t? Depend on the ppl in the relationship.


  2. I have a post for u.



    You as a woman. a man, who work everyday at his full-time job, have a seasonal part time job…he take care of his two sons (sprending time with them and pay support and more)…plus do a lot of community outreach. But don’t have his own place and car….because he he had a illness (heart attack, stroke, etc) and had to give up both, because he couldn’t afford it at that time.

    But is months away from getting back in his own place NOW.

    Would you date him?


  3. 1. Is it possible? Yes, anything is possible, but in my opinion the chances of that happening is slim to none. Not because relationships are problematic, but people are individuals, people are different, people have their own opinions, guidelines and morals which allows two people bump heads naturally. They may solve the problems instantly, agree to disagree, but some problems aren’t considered bad…and they create the perfect balance for couples to change things about themselves for the better and move forward.

    2. This list of tolerable’s are definitely based on who you are and what you allow/accept. Some people feel if you hit me, this relationship is over. Some feel that domestic deputes can be helpful to the couples growth. Some people feel like giving someone a compliment is the same as cheating…lol, so this one is just up to who you decide to be with and ya’ll have that…compare & contrast talk!


  4. There is no such thing as a problem free relationship but there are relationship were the couples don’t argue. My opinion those are the best ones. If you have someone were you don’t argue just disagreements do whatever you can to make it work.

    Question 2
    What are tolerable issues? Sex is tolerable to me. I been married for fifteen years and I may man cums quick but I’ve learn to live with it and I find a way to get mines. Being the soccer mom. Cooking and washing dishes. What is not tolerable to me is a man that want help me clean up after dinner or wash my car or handle all the car needs. A man that is lazy and man that doesnt respect me and my kids. Patrice one thing we will always lack something in a man. One man will give us it all but he will lack something and the next man will give us what we was missing but he lacks what our ex man gave us. I will tell you this I will take a man that spoils me and works with me than good sex on any given day. All my friends that went for good sex are divorce and I’m still counting years and happy. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard but the reward has been a blessing. Btw you rock.


    • Good afternoon Mrs Donna you gave excellent advice and wisdom. My name is Dave and I’ve been married for six years and I’m in the same situation as your husband but my wife loves me and we are making it work. Patrice I read all your post and you touch on real life topics. I see you have a lot of haters I’m not sure why you and your man broke up but I know it can’t be that bad because you said some wonderful about him. I will agree with Donna if she and my wife can make thru the sex problems I know you can fix yours problems. I’m a firm believer if he cheated don’t make it work but if he didn’t be a fixer like Olivia pope. We all get tired but that’s part of building a strong foundation. Some relationship require more work than others. I know your a strong woman if he’s a strong man and want to make it than you two make it work. No man or woman is perfect no relationship is easy. We go work hard for a job eight or more hours but don’t want to put in half the work to make our relationship work.


  5. Don’t hate me sorry to send so many comments but I want to share my point of view with all the topics you wrote about.


      • Thanks Patrice. I’m not a expert or never have I claim to be but I will say this my fifteen years of being married and what it took to get hear I want to share with you and your followers. It hasn’t been easy road from the lies to him hanging out late coming home at 3,4,5am no call. It’s been a journey I would not change it for the world. When you meet someone that truly loves you. You know there love in genuine that’s something that’s hard to come by. We can’t get everything we want in a man but if he loves me and treats me with respect works hard don’t mind working two or three jobs I’m willing to put in the work to make our relationship last. As women we are the back bone of the relationship we are the glue that holds it together.


      • Experience makes you expert enough!
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing.
        You can’t be embarrassed if you want to help others not make the same mistakes…we’ve all been there but most hide it.
        It’s a universal problem nobody is exempt from relationship issues.
        It just depends on what you can and will endure.
        Donna most aren’t strong as you…and most would believe you were naive to have put up with the staying out all night and not calling. But then they’ve never been truly in love.


  6. Thanks Patrice I hope turn your light bulb on also. I’m a stronger believer keep family and friends out of your relationship. When you let them in 99.9% will tell you girl you not happy girl leave him there is more men out there for you which is true but going thru the emotions and trying to see if he right and next thing failure. I learn so much about you from your blog and your comments I can tell that some of the same situations I went through with my husband is what you had to deal with. Don’t address these people that are attacking you. I think you have gave them more attention than they deserve. I your comment about his mom loving you really touched home me and my husband mom was the same way she was in love with me like her son is. She always told me I want you to be my daughter inlaw. She has cried to me and I’ve cried to her you and him may be on a break but no her continue that relationship because she is your friend and only wants the best.


  7. Patrice when things get ruff between me and my man I always listen to a few songs here is one. I know it’s hard girl but do it.

    On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you
    When that’s not possible
    Tell me, can you weather a storm?

    ‘Cause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there

    Sunny days, everybody loves them
    Tell me baby, can you stand the rain?
    Storms will come, this we know for sure
    (This we know for sure)
    Can you stand the rain?

    Love unconditional, I’m not asking just of you
    And girl to make it last
    I’ll do whatever needs to be done

    But I need somebody who will stand by me
    When it’s tough she won’t run
    She will always be right there for me

    Sunny days, everybody loves them
    Tell me baby, can you stand the rain?
    (Can you stand it?)
    (I know, I know, I know, I know)
    Storms will come
    (I know, I know, all the days won’t be perfect)


  8. (Question #1) Never seen a problem-free relationship, there will always be a disagreement somewhere in there, but you learn to work it out. The longer your together, the more you learn your mate and what won’t fly, the dislikes, likes, and where you’ll both learn to compromise.

    (Question #2) I think most issues are tolerable and can be resolved or worked out, except for constant disrespect, abuse, and infidelity.


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