Two Sides To Every Story

Rule #1 your family and friends love you so they will side with you. When you tell your side of the story of course they will be on your side 100%.
I have one friend that will not chime in with me and plays the devil’s advocate and I appreciate her very much.
She always tells me that it’s not exactly how I see it and helps me to see the bigger picture.
If the person you are sharing your issues with isn’t there to witness what actually happened you better believe lots were left out. We don’t mean to fabricate stories and blow them up but we do! Everything that you speak about is the truth but it’s not the entire truth.
It’s sort of like texting you can’t hear the tone of their voice, see facial expressions etc. you can only assume how they are feeling. If you and the partner you are talking about isn’t present to discuss issues with the individual you decide to speak to it will never be fair.
You will make that person you are discussing appear to be the worst person in the world.
There is nothing wrong with confiding but you must make sure the person you are speaking to can get the entire story out of you in order for them to make a fair assessment of the situation.

5 thoughts on “Two Sides To Every Story

  1. I learn to keep my family out of my relationship. They will take your side that could lead to being the worse mistake you make. My family and friend to me my boyfriend at the time wasn’t the one for me. If I had listen to them there is no telling what would of happen to me. Because I took the high road I’ve been married for fifteen years. If you have a best friend as him or her to see the good in your problem or relationship. The reason I say the good because we all tell the bad and they give us answers on the bad but not the good.


    • Hello Patrice and Donna I must share this information with you two. Donna I read your comment about asking our best friend to tell us why we should stay with our man if we are thinking about leaving. I’ve never heard of this concept until now and I have to admit I’ve was on the phone with my best friend for 3 hours straight. To both our surprise we both made the decision I should stay. I want to thank you Donna. It crazy we always say why we leaving but why we should stay. Thanks a lot ladies


  2. Patrice I’ve always said this. I don’t want a boyfriend or husband I want a partnership no matter what we will work to fix all our problems. I’ve read your blog and I’m sorry to hear about your split and I can tell you are hurting. My advice work on you and him behind close doors without anyone know and watch how you both progress.


  3. That’s a good confidante!! You don’t need a “Yes Man/Woman” around; you need someone who will tell you your wrong, and won’t just take your side in the convo without hearing or knowing both sides of the matter.


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