The Company You Keep (PURGE!)

When you have experienced several storms in your life you appreciate the peace.
I am so blessed to fall asleep every night peacefully and wake up with a smile on my face.

I recall having many sleepless nights; finally falling asleep from pure mental exhaustion.
I would stay up all night thinking about how my current situation was totally and utterly my fault…making BAD choices! The worst type of mistake to make is the one you already knew would end up a disaster but you do it anyway with hopes that things will turn out different. “It is what it is”

There were times that I prayed so hard that my days would be bright that tears flowed from my eyes.
Sometimes happiness isn’t easy to come by especially when you have people in your life that are unhappy themselves and they drain every ounce of the joy from your spirit.

This may sound strange; But you must be very careful when it comes to welcoming certain people into your life. They will bring all these evil spirits with them that will jump right into you.
You can call me crazy and think I am a weirdo but what I am telling you is true. Surround yourself with beautiful God-fearing people who are kind, loving and HAPPY!

It doesn’t matter who they are if they make you miserable remove yourself. Better yet; if they want to leave don’t you dare stop them!! I’ve seen evil work aggressively in my life and I was in shock!
Keep your eyes wide open never shut…We were all blessed with discernment never ignore your gut feeling or the spirit that tells you “don’t do it”. I ignored everything! I crashed and burned…

Sometimes you have to love people from a distance! Please don’t let anyone tell you that you have to argue and fight in order to love someone…that is not true! In 6 years and I am not telling you a lie Timmie and I have NEVER argued nor has he called me out of my name. We talk about everything in a calm fashion. He has NEVER disrespected me no matter how ugly I may have behaved towards him.
This man has shown me that it possible to have a loving stress free relationship if you want it to be so.

I don’t know where Timmie came from but he sure brings out the best in me. The devil had a strong hold on me and sent his helpers to drag me out from under my shelter of protection but I am back now.
WE are stronger than ever and prayer does work. No matter how much you try to determine your destiny; remember it is already written. God will come in and SHAKE!!!! EVERYTHING UP AND MAKE YOU MOVE IN WAYS YOU NEVER IMAGINED!!!

I guarantee you that it will make a huge difference in your life if you change the bad company you keep.

What a F*ucking Loser!

This can’t be happening to me..A seeker and destroyer has come out of the darkness to find me.

Some people don’t want to see me happy sad but very true. I am happy doing well with my man and we are moving forward letting nothing come between us. Then out of the blue…
Yes, another idiot contacted me today. “No Caller ID” a million times until I finally picked up.

“We need to talk” You can’t be serious!? There is nothing to talk about but you going away and never calling me again. He says, he’s moved on that is good so why are you calling me if you have “moved on”. OHHHHHHH! It gets worse! This crazy fawker had the nerve to ask if he could see me…I don’t think so buddy…why the hell would I want to see my past?

I live in the present and loving every minute of it then he tries to come and rain on my parade…that’s a darn shame. Misery loves company. I respect my man and will never do anything to hurt him ever again not even for all the tea in China. His love is worth more than Gold to me.

I am telling you this is crazy!!…People do you dirty in the past wait it out with hopes that you will forget the horrible things they did to you.
Totally convinced that there are some really clinically insane people out here that believe they are actually normal. Why is it that some people think they can do you dirty and you are supposed to act as if nothing was done?

It’s easy to forgive but hard to forget when someone rips out a piece of your heart. The nerve of them to try and attempt to speak to you when all you want to do is forget they ever existed.
Why pour alcohol in an open wound? IF you have moved on then MOVE ON!

This means don’t come to my job, email, text nor call…MOVE ON! Leave well enough alone.
When things don’t work out it was never meant to be and be happy that they are out of your life.

What a fucking loser!!

Hurt People

Good morning!

Thanks to everyone that actually took the time to read my blog.

Your support is appreciated😄
Some of the comments and especially the emails received brought tears to my eyes…

I’ve read some emails and actually broke down crying uncontrollably because I never knew there were so many hurt people.

Knowing that my words changed lives and encouraged them to not commit suicide is a feeling that can’t be described.

I’ve respected their privacy and they trusted me enough to share what was eating them alive.

All I can say is we must stop hurting people it’s really bad guys. Stick to the golden rule treat others like you would want to be treated.

You’d be surprised of how fragile some folks are who pretend to be strong. I can’t believe the mean things people do to each other not caring about anyone but themselves.

I’ve become a better person as a result of the many emails received realizing that I need to change.

I love everyone even those who hate my guts and did me wrong. To hate someone just isn’t part of my DNA.

Call me silly but hate is a strong emotion that eats at your spirit like cancer!!!

We have to care about how we treat others starting today!

Blast from the Horrible Part of my Past!!! UGH!!

I am sharing this episode with you just to show you how busy the devil is. There are so many people who do not want my relationship to work!

A few days ago this punk I used to date texted me. It’s been over 10 years and I have no idea how he got my number. When I asked him how he got my number at least three times he never responded.
I changed my number from when we used to date and I have not seen him in years. He finally responded “God gave it to me”.

In the beginning, I had no idea who he was but once he revealed something to me that only we would know it was made crystal clear.

Be that as it may, I was not excited to hear from that loser at all. The reason why we never made it is because he wanted me and other women too! I don’t share so I moved on and that was the best thing ever for me.

I only wish whoever gave him my number would never do that again without at least informing me first.
The block feature is a blessing in disguise and you know he is now BLOCKED!
The last time I saw him some woman knocked on his door and he told me to be quiet…I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs “He has another woman in here!!”

But instead, I told myself that once I walked out that door to NEVER return and I didn’t.
I am so happy I didn’t settle for the “BS” because it allowed me to meet my baby who would never in a million years allow me to go through such a humiliating ordeal.

Just go away and leave us alone…there is nothing you can do to break us apart we are stronger than ever before.

Bitter or Sweet?

As I reflect on my life there is a new found understanding.
I have no room for senseless mistakes. I have no time to ignore the visions that are given to me as a warning to take a right turn instead of a left.
What if you were diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and only had a few months to live?

WE have to learn to live to be happy not live to struggle with emotions knowing a person isn’t truly for us if they are against us.

Could you honestly say, “Well, God here I come and thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful life”?
Why do we always make excuses for other people treating us bad when there is someone we rejected that will treat us like royalty?
Could you thank your mate for giving you time with them that was filled with love and happiness?

Yes, relationships have ups and downs but not to the point that your spirit is broken and you feel empty.

Love is filled with tears of joy not pain and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!