Random Thought…

I find it both amusing and sad that most people believe that a history with a person that is filled with pain is a way to rationalize having a half of man/woman being better than having no man/woman at all.
If you have to fight, cry and be walked on like a doormat that’s the kind of history you don’t want; nor does it prove your love to stick around to be used and abused daily.

You Are Not Exempt

Everyone has problems…some call them “situations” or “hurdles”.

Your problems may be silly to someone else or another person would love to switch their life for yours.

Be careful with desiring to be in someone else’s shoes because you never really know what goes on behind closed doors.

People are great at pretending they have a perfect life when it’s crumbling down around them!

Be thankful for the life you have. If you don’t like your life make changes.

Remember we contribute to 99% of our problems by not thinking first, the company we keep and reacting with emotions.

One life! Give it your best shot…