Why Hide Something Beautiful?

Just when you think someone is your friend they prove otherwise. I must admit when I saw her post on Facebook it really hurt my little feelings.

Sometimes I can be overly emotional; however this is only when bamboozled into thinking you really care about me as a Human Being First than a friend.

For example; I post pictures of Timmie and myself on my page all the time. There are several posts that represent positive feedback not only about Timmie but about MEN being wonderful. Not all men are dogs or no good dead beat Fathers.

Funny I stumbled across a post that went against the “loving” activity on my page.
Her statement was valid however; not in my case at all. Just because your relationship/marriage was ruined as a result of social media does not mean that will happen to my relationship.
Only the strong survive who have REAL LOVE as the foundation of their relationship. Trust and loyalty means everything if you don’t have that you have nothing! Yes, we had to rebuild our trust now it’s solid as a ROCK!

There are just not enough positive things said about Black Men in general when it comes to relationships and being a parent.

I am beginning to think that if you are happy MANY people hate you and want you to be miserable with them. There are so many folks who lived a miserable life for as long as they can remember. But whose fault is that? Definitely not my fault you are miserable.

If you smile too much you are phony and don’t even think about being overly positive then you are annoying. Who in the heck came up with the statement “behind every smile is pain”? That is the most ridiculous thing ever! You better believe that if I am in “pain” I won’t crack a smile no way no how!
I just believe that being unhappy is a choice no matter the situation since it can always be much worse.

5 thoughts on “Why Hide Something Beautiful?

  1. When I read your post it reminded me of what I go thru so many times. I am the type who likes to smile and is very cheerful and try to be as positive as possible. And like you say there are people out there with some weird beliefs and statements. I feel just like you if I am sad or unhappy I will not crack a smile but if I am happy I like to smile which is most of the time. Like you say being unhappy is a choice. You can choose to be miserable. I really do not get it though. Some people are so miserable that they will do whatever they can to wipe the smile off your face. But most times their misery is not that powerful if you don’t let them.


    • It feels good to know I am not alone!
      What’s wrong with being happy?
      Of course, I have bad days that get me down but I don’t stay in a depressing mood very long.
      I snap out of of it quickly because being happy is a CHOICE!
      I am called phony fake the great pretender all of that and then some…those people who view me as such are angry unhappy souls.
      You are correct some folks will do whatever it takes to wipe OUR smile off….it’s sad that they will never experience the joy I have in my heart for so many reasons…
      Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a beautiful comment…


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