Started my Masters Program!
School has taken my attention away from my love of blogging.
Besides, I really haven’t been feeling moved to blog. Everything I blog about is emotionally charged. I hope to get the fire and desire to start blogging again. Until then…stay tuned and thank you for reading my thoughts.
I have enough posts for anyone who visits my blog to keep busy reading 🙂
Love you all no joke!

The Love of My LIFE!

I always dreamed about what true love felt like until I met a man that makes my heart smile and fills my soul with so much joy. He gives me butterflies every time I look into his eyes.
He makes me feel safe…I can’t imagine life without him and can’t believe he was almost gone as a result of my ignorance and fear. Never really thought he was real…until I realized he was a gift from above.
Please don’t mess up a good thing if you have someone that loves you and you love them back hold on.
I don’t mean the kind of love that HURTS; the love that makes you miss them every minute you are apart and you’re excited when you see them.

The love of my life

The love of my life

The Right Person; Wrong Time

How can you make it the right time for the right person? Funny how we make it the right time for the wrong person unknowingly and mostly knowingly.

Sometimes we meet the right person at the right time and we don’t realize it.

When you are so caught up on yesterday and living in your past you allow the ship to sail away.
Always chasing after the wrong person when the right person is right there in front of you.

We meet the wrong person for the right reasons that we can’t see at the moment.

Seems crazy but we must accept that bad relationships allow us to learn what we don’t want while we find out what we actually want from a future healthy relationship. We should learn what it takes to have a loving and happy union.

There is always a lesson that comes out of both good and bad situations that occur in our lives.
Whether you have a take away from those situations is what makes the difference.