Everyone isn’t your friend and that’s a fact. Having a true friend makes life a little brighter. But a false friend can turn your life upside down in the worse kind of way you can imagine.

They know your strengths and your weaknesses. You let your guards down and allowed them into your world.
You consider them family 🙂

You share your secrets believing you can trust this false friend only to find out later that your secrets were shared with others.

Open your eyes. People will use you then throw you away like last week’s trash if you allow it.

Never be desperate for false friends.
It is far better to be alone then amongst the company of enemies.

It is very difficult for me to refer to anyone as a “Friend”. I am afraid to trust other females because they can be so vindictive. It really hurts my heart to find out the truth. However, I realize its for the best.

It never fails that most people are just evil. Why would you pretend to be someone’s friend; hug them and say “I love you” only for a person to find out that it was all a show?

People keep you close when they feel threatened or have ulterior motives which have nothing to do with friendship.

Friends understand that you have a demanding life therefore you can’t always be there for them but you call at the very least.

True friends remain friends allowing nothing to come between them.

They never felt the same way you felt about them! “Oh yes, I know who you are, Patrice has told me so many good things about you. She considers you a very dear friend”.
False friend replies with a look on her face of disgust “I don’t know about dear”.

I just thank God for removing those false friends from my life it was beginning to drain my spirit.


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