You will never realize how important it is to know who you are.
Accept that you aren’t perfect and you will make mistakes…Be aware of your idiosyncrasies never be in denial.
There should be nothing about you that someone else needs to tell you that needs to be corrected.
You are not a child and should have self- awareness at this stage in your life.
Someone will come along and try to bulldoze right through your self esteem if you aren’t aware!
Thank them for bringing your flaws to your attention.
Then ask them is there anything good you see me?
Their response will tell you everything you need to know.
If all a person can see is bad in you; tell them to first look in the mirror at their distorted image of perfection.

Holidays & Alone?

For those who are spending the holiday seasons alone please take this time to reflect on your life and appreciate this alone time with yourself. There is a sense of peace in being alone and periods in our life that we need to be ALONE.

Remember that it is better to be solo than be with someone and feel empty. During the holiday seasons we all want to be with that special someone but it does not matter if that special someone put your through hell all year long.

You can find all the happiness you need in your heart. Happy holidays!

Jasmine Williams “You are my Star”

Read an article this morning in the Washington Post, metro section, about a 23 year-old who was sexually abused. Jasmine Williams left home with nowhere to go!

As I continued to read her story my eyes filled with tears. I woke up happy this morning and after reading her story my mood has changed.

Do I have the right to be happy and pretend like there aren’t people like Jasmine that need my help?

I can’t save the world but every little bit helps. This is exactly why my dream is to start a non-profit to help people like Jasmine. I have no idea how to “help” once someone has been sexually abused but I can be there to help them move past that experience.

She dressed oddly and submerged herself in Korean culture to somehow create a new person that didn’t feel pain anymore. My heart goes out to her and I am so proud she is doing great things in her life now.