Jasmine Williams “You are my Star”

Read an article this morning in the Washington Post, metro section, about a 23 year-old who was sexually abused. Jasmine Williams left home with nowhere to go!

As I continued to read her story my eyes filled with tears. I woke up happy this morning and after reading her story my mood has changed.

Do I have the right to be happy and pretend like there aren’t people like Jasmine that need my help?

I can’t save the world but every little bit helps. This is exactly why my dream is to start a non-profit to help people like Jasmine. I have no idea how to “help” once someone has been sexually abused but I can be there to help them move past that experience.

She dressed oddly and submerged herself in Korean culture to somehow create a new person that didn’t feel pain anymore. My heart goes out to her and I am so proud she is doing great things in her life now.


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