No matter how hard I try…

Reminiscing about my experiences attempting to develop a friendship/sisterhood is pointless.

Always judged in a negative light no matter how hard I try to be kind. Don’t let me get too much attention while in public…eyes start rolling and I’ll never hear from them again. #true story 

“I can’t compete with you” one dear friend said and it nearly broke my heart. Another person whom was never my friend told me that I need to give up trying to become friends with females because we don’t mix well.

That makes me a reject?  All the others critiqued every word and action as if I were under a microscope looking for flaws. Trying so desperately to catch their man getting and eyeful of me in a crowded room. 

I’ve been told by my sister that she’s caught a few of my false friends staring at me in a trance.

No matter how kind I am it’s never returned they just took from me and used me for their own personal gain.

It’s totally fine because I knew when to put all that abuse to an end. I will never change who I am just the people around me. 

Found out 20 years later that my so called close friend in high school talked about me like a dog to a mutual acquaintance. I never said one bad thing about her ever. 

I could go on! Most recently, another female I attempted to become friends with was bat shit crazy!  Like all of us we have our own set of issues….but this chick was over the deep end.

I’ll leave the details out giving one 

non-incriminating example…

She allowed another person to gossip about me to her and didn’t defend me!

As she explained the conversation it felt like my lip touched the ground while I looked at her feeling utter disbelief. 

Starting to believe that my frankness runs them away. If I stopped caring about my appearance maybe they would flock to me? Lol Let myself go and look a hot mess….

I would have to stop being who I am pretending to be what they want me to be. That will never happen…

Staying true to myself isn’t an easy task but I love who I am ๐Ÿ˜

I am fine with  having one true friend…

Love you Margarete! 


I did absolutely nothing today!

Sometimes you have to totally relax and enjoy doing the bare minimum.

I did hit the gym with hubby but that’s normal nothing extrodinary๐Ÿ˜€

After he made pancakes and turkey bacon the gym was a must! We cuddled, laughed, watched tv and took several naps…he’s totally my best friend…2,190 days and we still haven’t had one argument. We talk things out like two mature adults should.

We get irritated once in a while but when we look into each other’s eyes love takes over ๐Ÿ˜ and we hug and kiss๐Ÿ˜˜

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to conquer the 4 day week. Make it a great short week folks!