I have often heard people say “we have a history” when speaking about their toxic relationship.

Staying in a toxic relationship does not entitle you to be awarded a badge of honor.

Leaving a toxic relationship will allow you to have a chance of being in a loving happy relationship therefore creating a healthy history!

You must first be certain that you are ready to start anew and give yourself time to heal from a toxic history.

# the only thing about true love that hurts is the thought of them not being in your life…

Heck of A Week…thus far! 

This week it seems as if all the miserable people are calling the office.They can hear the joy in my voice wanting so badly to be in a peaceful place. Instead, attempts are made to steal my joy!

Nasty tones, lies and making a big deal out of nothing. You can’t apologize for something you didn’t do but we do anyway sometimes to keep the peace.

Apologizing, to some people, means you are admitting to guilt or taking responsibility for their fabricated story….all you want to do is move on!

No matter what never let them suck you into their miserable world. Stay calm, keep a smile on your face and most importantly remain professional. 

My head was whirling because everything was happening with a Domino’s effect…I still kept my cool and the Dominos stopped tumbling. Knowing the goal of and evil ungodly person should in some way prepare you unless they catch you off guard…

Always be prepared and never react before you think! Always be on guard with a smile and positive attitude. 

Brain power over emotions! 

Stay positive 🙂