Perfection is not a reality…

We all want everything to be perfect or at least the way we believe it should be.
Compare and and contrast your life thinking about how things used to be verses how they are now…that is as perfect as it will get…any progress or improvement is perfection enough.
The perfection we look for in people usually ends up losing us in what we really need in a person.  Focus on what is really important in life and what makes you happy.

Love Yourself First

Please stop proclaiming your love for a man/woman when you don’t love your darn self. Everybody can see it…your dark empty soul right through your eyes.

If you allow a person to crush your self-esteem and treat you like feces you can’t possibly love “you”. 

Recite “I love you” while looking in the mirror at yourself  instead of someone else’s eyes that has no love for you.

But they have no problem telling a thousand I love you lies. 

What’s dreadful is having someone that doesn’t love you but what makes it a total disaster is when you have no self-love.