Dreaming to Fail

Whatever comes to mind is straight typed…I don’t care about my thoughts being grammatically correct and if there are typos so what! If you are so smart figure out what I meant instead of trying to proof read my blog. Thank you…

I may post about the same subjects from a different angle…

But even if I have some things are worth repeating…we already get life and we still walk directly into the brick wall head first until our forehead bleeds.

All these quotes on social media that are supposed to be so profound about life that we already have experienced enough to know not to do it all over again…the bad experiences at least. Whatever the reason is we somehow need to read or hear someone else tell us what we already know in order to actually act on it? Why is that?

We have become paralyzed with the thought of what society or a person who has no significance will think of us. We have become afraid to live and instead settle for the cookie cutter life. Fear of the unknown if we one day our life takes a certain change simply because we refused to move onward.

The universe has a way of shaking things up in our life if we become stagnant/complacent remaining in a place that we no longer belong. We think about what we would like to accomplish and dream about the outcome without making any effort to make those dreams actually come true that are attainable if we just reach. If only I had listened to my inner voice warning me and screaming don’t do it or even when that inner voice told me that I could actually do it…instead I had already defeated and convinced myself that I would fail without trying! OMG! I am still working on this major flaw…I feel that it is impossible to do everything I have ever dreamed of in my lifetime. The truth is I am afraid to fail.  A failure in my eyes is someone who NEVER makes an attempt…A person who attempts with good intentions is Successful….and will keep trying never giving up on their dreams no matter how many times they fall. My list is long and I am slowly getting to the meat of things….the closer I get to my next goal the colder my feet get.

The world has become a disease that eats away at our will to live, persevere, love and dream. You must create your own bubble of life and never forget that life is as beautiful as you make it. What has the most value is what’s in your heart…the intangibles is what makes life worth living.

Hugs & Kisses 🙂

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