Technology Will CRUSH Your Relationship…

Hello Folks,

I hope all is well with everyone and pray that you find strength to move on if things are currently not going as planned. xoxoxo

Just imagine if we put the same effort into our relationship as we do when it comes to updating our Facebook Posts or playing candy crush how happy we would be…

Heck, we would be able to learn at least three different languages when you really think about the amount of time we spend on social media and playing those silly games on our smart phones. 

Please, whatever you do put your phone away when your loved one is speaking to you, driving in the car, walking together whether in the house or having dinner in public. It is so rude and cold on all levels. Whoever is texting you can wait and you do not need to take a selfie and post it on FB every two seconds of your night out. 

Technology has totally crushed the true meaning of “quality” time. Our devices receive more love than a human being. I am guilty of this very act and that is why I realize how awful it is…well, when it was done to me!  I begged my daughter to please put her phone down. I was sickened at the fact that she stayed on her phone the entire time we were out visiting her sister…I thought to myself…is that what I do sometimes?  How awful that may make others feel to be so rude. PHONES DOWN!!! 

We really need to connect on a more personal level…Let’s not become slaves of technology…Your marriage, relationship or your smart phone? Most would choose their smart phone! Don’t believe me? HA! It is just that bad.

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