Second Chance!

Jesus knows and that’s all that matters!
I am not trying to
be braggadocious (is that a word? Lol)
My husband has NEVER called me out of my name, hit me or raised his voice!
He’s not a weak man at all.
He is smarter than any man that has ever been in my life.
I was so messed up when I met him from being in the worse relationships imaginable that I pushed him away and acted like a fool at times.
Instead of him cursing me out and punching me in my face he prayed for us.
We went to church and I prayed for God to heal my heart from the pain that consumed me from past relationships.
I knew he really loved me when he let me go and gave me space verses disrespecting me for acting up.
I came running back to him when this feeling came over me. I knew that I could not live my life without him.
I apologized a million times and he told me he had already forgiven me 🙏🏾
He was the only man that saw the good in me! He knew that I would be his wife one day when I was “healed” by God.
He was always after my heart not my body.

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